6 Reasons to Make Wood Bookshelves 6 Reasons to Make Wood Bookshelves

Wood bookshelves are popular for their durability and classiness. Varieties of wood that are most commonly employed to shape bookshelves include pine, birch and hardwood. Bookshelves allow books to be arranged methodically, thereby reducing clutter and maximizing space utility. Bookshelves or bookcases are widely used in libraries, offices, homes, hotel suites, study rooms and even kitchens. A wood bookshelf can be constructed of any depth, height and width and can be modified according to specific requirements and conditions. Home improvement stores sell easy-to-assemble pieces of laminated wood that can be arranged to make a bookcase. Here are 6 reasons to make wood bookshelves.

Reason #1: Cost Effectiveness

A do-it-yourself wood bookshelf can be made at a fraction of the cost of a ready-made bookcase. Its cost effectiveness is one of its most attractive features. A bookshelf can be made in a few days with the required materials, basic tools and know-how. Pine wood bookshelves are the least expensive of wood bookcases.

Reason #2: Customization

Bookshelves can be personalized to suit the mood and space requirements of any room. Bookcases can be single, two-shelved, double, 4-D hanging corner concept, carousel shelf, leaning shelves, cabinet-style, corner ladder type, cascading, and quarter-round bookcases for corners. Another popular style is the barrister's bookcase. Bookshelves can also be made compatible with audio/video cabinets and equipment and fitted with additional wood or glass shelves to enhance their style and look. They can be painted a variety of colors and decorative textures to add to their appeal. One can also utilize nooks and corners in an efficient manner by building a custom wood bookshelf in an area that might be wasted otherwise.

Reason #3: Maximizing Space, Reducing Clutter

Bookshelves allow the optimal utility of any space, no matter how cramped. The stacked horizontal type of bookshelf can hold a number of books (and other items) that would otherwise make a room untidy. Besides their functional use, bookshelves can also be utilized to enhance the look of a formal setting. A formal living or dining room can be given an added dimension with the addition of a solid oak or mahogany bookshelf. Classic, leather bound books and old diaries may accessorize the bookshelf well.

Reason #4: Safety

Bookshelves can be equipped with glazed doors and latches to allow additional protection to books. Bookshelf doors also protect the spines of the books from damage. Bookshelves safeguard their contents from theft and misplacement. 

Reason #5: Decoration

Bedrooms can be decorated with bookcases. Headboard bookshelves are a great way to spruce up any bedroom. Children's rooms can be given added appeal with headboard bookshelves mounted over a colorfully painted wall or other customized shelves. Bookshelves can be arranged to behave as room dividers in large bedrooms. A closed walkway can be made by arranging bookshelves through its middle.

Reason #6: Easy to Dismantle

Building and installing your own wooden bookshelves is ideal in situations where a permanent bookshelf would not be appropriate or feasible to have installed. These units are relatively easy to dismantle and move to alternate locations.

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