6 Reasons to Use Mirror Brackets

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Mirror brackets are used everywhere: homes, offices, shops, cars, and trucks. Depending on their use, mirror brackets come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Using mirror brackets may be a matter of choice but more often, it is a necessity. Let us look at different reasons to use mirror brackets.

1. Easy to Install

Mirror brackets are easier to install than the alternative method of adhesion, which is sometimes used. Using adhesive can be messy and requires more care while handling. You have to be very careful not to get adhesive on your hands and fingers. Any adhesive carelessly visible on the sides of your mirror can ruin the look and make it look sloppy and untidy.

2. Visually Appealing

While adhesion works best in small corners and serves to hide or embellish them, mirror brackets can add to the look you are trying to create in your home or personal office. A large mirror placed on a wall in a prominent place will enhance the harmony of the décor if you use mirror brackets of a complementary color and material. If you are planning to give your waiting room or guest room the antique look, rusted or rust-colored mirror brackets will be a perfect choice. Add an old antique mirror frame and your look is complete.

3. Strong Support

If the mirror you want to install is large and heavy, you should use mirror brackets because they will provide the strongest and most secure support. No alternative will provide the same kind of security. If you want to avoid having your beautiful, expensive, antique mirror in pieces all over your dining room floor, you should invest in mirror brackets.

4. Secure

No matter how strong adhesive is, it is bound to become weak after a few years. There have been several cases where bathroom mirrors, that were installed when the house was built, came off without warning and crashed on the person toweling himself dry in front of it. Steam and warmth in a bathroom cause the adhesion to melt and thus loosen the hold on the mirror. It is a much more secure option to use mirror brackets to avoid having a mirror fall on and injure your children.

5. Easy to Maintain

It is much easier to clean a mirror that is held on brackets because you have space to move around your mirror. If at some point in the future you decide to change the placement of the mirror, it is much easier to remove the mirror brackets than it would be to remove adhesion. Removing adhesion will definitely ruin your wall and most likely cause damage to the mirror as well.

6. Perfect for Vehicles

On a car or truck, brackets help to keep the mirror close to the body. Without brackets, the mirrors will shake and vibrate when the vehicle moves. Rearview mirrors and tow mirrors need to be adjusted often, and mirror brackets provide the freedom to twist and turn the mirror in a convenient direction for best visibility.