6 Replacement Steel Door Installation Tips 6 Replacement Steel Door Installation Tips

While steel doors are designed to last many years, sometimes you might need to install a replacement steel door.

Steps for Replacing a Steel Door

  1. Find the replacement steel door that you will use. Since the steel can not be cut, you must order a door the exact same width and height as the door you are replacing.
  2. If you plan to paint it, do so before installing.
  3. Install the door hardware, including the handle and locking mechanism.
  4. Gently tap the hinge pins out of the original door and remove the door.
  5. Install the hinges on the new steel door. These must be placed at the same positions as they were on the old door. You can use the original door as a template.
  6. Mount the new door and tap the pins into the hinges.

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