6 Robotic Pool Cleaner Safety Tips

Your robotic pool cleaner is a much simpler process than manually cleaning your pool. These convenient machines clean your pool automatically by preprogrammed movements that you manually enter. A robotic pool cleaner is effective at doing the hard work for you so that you can enjoy more time swimming and sitting by the poolside instead of physically cleaning the pool. Ensuring that your automatic pool cleaner is in tip top condition will ensure that your pool is cleaned without much effort from you. Follow these tips to keep your pool cleaner doing the job for you.

1. Check Cleaner Bag

If there are times that your pool cleaner appears to be leaving trash behind in your pool, it could be because the cleaner bag is full and in need of an empty. Allowing the pool bag to become full will cause your machine to not only leave behind debris but cause operational difficulties as well. Always check the bag before cleaning cycles.

2. Check Head Float

It is a good idea to check the head float of your robotic pool cleaner. Often times if the head float is cracked, it will become filled with water. Do a check on the float by detaching it and shaking it. If you can feel or hear water, you will have to replace the head float to keep the cleaner in safe operating condition.

3. Remove Toys Before Operation

Your automatic pool cleaner is an efficiently running machine that gets the job done. However, a pool toy can be easily lodged in the wheels and cause the machine to either go in circles or not move at all. If a toy should become lodged in the wheels, turn the cleaner off and remove the toy. It is always a good idea to check your pool for toys before putting the cleaner into operation.

4. Check Wheel Gears

You will find sometimes that your robotic pool cleaner will be going in circles in one place in your pool. This is most often because of the inability of either of the wheels to function properly. To prevent this, check your wheels' gears to be sure they are not worn. If they are, get them replaced at your earliest convenience. Your pool cleaner going in circles in one place won't get the job done effectively.

5. Check Suction

To ensure that your robotic pool cleaner is suctioning properly, check the machines suction ability so that it won't leave behind debris in your pool. It is easiest to check the machine while it is on and in your pool. Place your hand just below the surface of the water beneath the machine. If suction feels week, the airway could be clogged or your cleaner bag is full.

6. Check Backup Valve

If your pool cleaner is constantly getting stuck in corners, check the backup valve to ensure it is operational. If it is not working properly, replace it so that you can get maximum performance from your cleaner.