6 Rocking Chair Comparisons

The decision to purchase a rocking chair can be a wonderful addition to the home or patio. Keep in mind, however, that there are many types of rocking chairs to choose from, including: glider rocking chairs, modern styles, and classic hard wood rockers.

#1: Glider Rockers

A glider rocking chair has a stationary base and the movements of the rocker are contained within that pedestal, preventing possible damage to the floor and offering a unique rocking motion. Glider rockers cost quite a bit more than ordinary rocking chairs, but can be assembled from kits if cost is a serious issue.

#2: Hardwood Rockers

The two main types of hardwood rocking chairs are Gooseneck and Adirondack style rockers. Gooseneck rockers are the original rocking chair, usually with the seat and back made with flat, narrow wooden slats. The Adirondack wood rocking chair is similar to a traditional hardwood rockers such as a gooseneck rocker, however differs in it's appearance which uses balusters for the chair back instead of flat wooden slats and features more detailed seat and trim designs.

#3: Modern Style Rocking Chairs

You could also get leather rocking chair, or one with customized upholstery. For a truly modern alternative, consider aluminum or plastic rockers or purchase an ergonomic rocker that doubles as a home back therapy tool. Modern styles are usually more acceptable for indoor uses, but some types, such as smooth plastic designs, can be used on a deck or patio, or even fit into the theme of your garden area.

#4: Wicker and Bamboo Rocking Chairs

If traditional hard woods are not to you taste, wicker and bamboo rocking chairs offer a more oriental flair to the deck or patio. These chairs are often stained and varnished for a deep, lustrous finish and are then fitted with plush cushions. Rocking chairs made from wicker and bamboo are available in several different styles, including glider rocking chairs and traditional styles.

#5: Do-It-Yourself Rocking Chair Kits

Most types of rocking chair can be purchased as a kit. This allows you to save a great deal of money and allows you the opportunity to include some custom modifications of your own during the building process. You probably won't want to tackle an upholstered rocking chair, but building a glider rocker can be a fulfilling afternoon project.

#6: Custom Rockers

One final consideration would be to purchase a rocking chair that is custom designed by professional woodcrafters. There are many online woodworking sites that features custom built rockers of many styles. This allows you to get a chair with special features, such as an extra large seat, or the use of a particular type of wood. Custom built rocking chairs are oftem more expensive than other types owing to the fact that each one is is a unique design, not derived from mass production techniques.