6 Safety Precautions to Take When Making a Set of Lawn Darts

Lawn darts was a popular game in the 1970s and 1980s, but it resulted in a high number of accidents. This led to the sale of lawn darts being made illegal in 1988 and the nation was encouraged to destroy their sets of law darts. However, it was not compulsory to destroy your set and the law does not make playing the game illegal. Therefore, if you do not own a set of lawn darts but are interested in playing the game, then you can make your own quite easily, cheaply and legally if you take the right safety precautions.

1. Heat Burns

This safety precaution is quite obvious, but it is usually the obvious things that people forget. When using a heating device during the process, make sure you keep your hands out of the way and do not touch the surface of the material until it has cooled.

2. Beware of the Point

The tip of the dart is the main reason why the game was banned. Therefore, if you are planning on making your own, make sure you do not accidentally cut yourself on the tip. One way to avoid this would be by wearing thick gloves. A second way to avoid this would be to soften the tip a little by giving it a flatter head rather than a rounded one. The second method would make the lawn darts game slightly safer to play as well.

3. Cutting the Fins

When you are cutting the fins out of your chosen material, make sure you do not cut yourself on the edges. Many people use tin or PVC and both of these materials when cut produce sharp edges. To make the edges smoother, you can iron the material until it is quite soft and pliable and visibly softer at the edges. Before you continue further, make sure that the fins have cooled and hardened.

4. Cutting the Tubing

As you are cutting the tubing of the lawn darts that the fins will slot into, it is important to do it slowly, precisely and carefully. The surface that you are cutting is rounded and narrow making it easy to slip, therefore make sure your fingers are out of the way. Another tip is to cut away from your body, because if you slip the force behind the blade is not being directed at you.

5. Smooth the Fins

When you first insert the fins into the barrel of the dart, you may find that at the point they may stick out slightly. As this is the area of the dart that you will hold when you are throwing it, it is important for the area to be smooth to prevent the user from cutting themselves. The easiest way to do this is by shaving it with a utility knife or cut it with a pair of scissors.

6. Tidy the Workshop

Especially if you have children or animals, it is important to tidy up the tools you are using if you are leaving the area. If your child or animal got hold of the scissors, utility knife or heating instrument used to make the lawn darts, it could lead to serious injury.