6 Safety Tips for Grinding Glass

People end up grinding glass for a number of different reasons using several different types of tools. The one constant factor when you’re grinding glass is that it needs to be done safely. These safety tips for grinding glass are all intended to stop you from injuring yourself. Grinding glass can seem easy but unless you’re incredibly careful, it can be a potentially dangerous task. A little care can make grinding glass a much safer job.

Safety Glasses

Whenever you work with glass, you should always wear safety glasses. It’s especially important when you’re grinding glass because the waste pieces are incredibly small and they can easily fly into your eye.

If glass remnants do manage to get into your eyes, getting them out again can be very difficult and medical attention would probably be required. Wearing safety glasses is easily the best form of preventive protection. Make it an automatic reaction to reach for glasses or goggles before you do any work with glass.


A good leather apron is also part of your safety equipment when grinding glass. Not only does it keep the front of your clothes clean, but it can stop small sparks from reaching your clothing. It can also help to keep loose clothing from becoming caught in your grinding equipment.

Aprons also provide protection to the torso and upper legs and the leather will save you if the glass should shatter for some reason while you’re grinding it.


Although you should be wearing gloves when grinding glass, it’s important to pay attention to what your hands are doing. Don’t let them come too close to a grinding wheel or a belt grinder as the gloves can get caught up in the wheel. This could ultimately rip the skin off your hands. You need to remain very aware of how your hands are positioned and how you hold the glass you’re grinding.

Hair and Clothing

Given that you will be working with a grinding wheel or belt, you have to be careful in terms of what you wear and how your hair is styled. If your hair is long, it needs to be kept out of the way so it doesn’t end up getting caught in any machinery. A hairnet or hair band are simple precautions in helping to keep hair away from dangerous equipment.

The same is true with clothes. If you wear a shirt with long sleeves, for instance, roll them up so they’re out of the way and can’t become caught in moving machinery. The apron can keep the front of baggy or loose clothing and other items contained once tightened.


You should inspect your equipment before grinding glass to make sure it’s operating smoothly and that there are no faults or obstructions. This is especially important with a belt grinder. Having equipment in good condition means you’ll always be safer when you work.

First Aid Kit

Keep a first aid kit close to hand when grinding glass. If there’s an accident and the glass breaks or shatters, there’s a very good chance you’ll end up injured and bleeding. Having a first aid kit close at hand means you can look after this immediately. A fast reaction and correct treatment can prove to be the difference between a minor and a major injury.