6 Safety Tips When Using Liquid Sandpaper

Liquid sandpaper is a chemical that removes the smooth paint layer from a surface and provides a rough, sanded appearance. It is often used in place of sandpaper on glossy paint surfaces that are in need of repainting. Liquid sandpaper is much easier to use and provides quicker results than sandpaper. You only have to apply the solution on a wall and then wash or scrub it off to achieve a sanded, abrasive surface that is easy to paint on. Liquid sandpaper is also known as deglosser, because it is used to remove glossy paint finishes from walls and other surfaces. Because liquid sandpaper is composed of toxic chemicals, it is important to follow some safety precautions when you use it.

1. Use in a Well Ventilated Area

Liquid sandpaper contains chemicals that contribute to the emanation of toxic fumes. It is therefore important to avoid inhalation. Avoid using liquid sandpaper in the presence of pregnant women, young children and people with breathing problems such as asthma. Open windows in the room and close off the door to the room to prevent spreading of fumes through the rest of the home.

2. Keep the Container Away from Children

Liquid sandpaper is poisonous and can cause blindness, organ damage and even death. It is important to store the container in a cool, dark place. Keep the container in a protected location that is not accessible to children and pets. Ensure that the container is kept erect, to avoid spillage and leaks. Never store the container in the vicinity of food or drinks.

3. Wear Adequate Protection during Usage

Wear gloves when you use liquid sandpaper, because contact with skin is dangerous. In case of contact with skin, remove the affected clothing and wash skin with warm water and soap. If any of the liquid sandpaper gets into your eyes, wash thoroughly with water and follow up with a medical professional. Also wear an apron, safety goggles with side protection and a face mask, if needed.

4. Keep Container Away from Flames

Liquid sandpaper is highly inflammable. Never use it in the vicinity of open flames and electric equipment. Never smoke when using liquid sandpaper. When storing the container, check to make sure there is no chance of a fire erupting due to proximity with open flames.

5. Keep Away from Face

Contact with the eyes can cause blindness, so it is important to be very careful during the application of liquid sandpaper. Maintain a safe distance between your body and the liquid sandpaper when you open the bottle, apply it on a cloth and as you apply it on the surface to be sanded.

6. Dispose of Carefully

Never dispose of liquid sandpaper by emptying it in a drain, because it will leach into waterways and pollute the environment. While disposing of the container, make sure you follow the applicable rules and regulations in your area for the disposal of hazardous waste.