6 Signs You Need an Engine Rebuild 6 Signs You Need an Engine Rebuild

Getting an engine rebuild is more common that you may think. As part of the auto maintenance, doing an engine rebuild sometimes is necessary for your automobile to function well. So here is a list of common signs that tell you that you need to rebuild your car's engine.

1. Knocking

If you ever hear a sound coming from your engine that sounds bad, it would have to be the knocking sound that gets louder when you rev up the automobile. This loud sound may make you think that someone is really knocking on your engine. This sound is not just annoying, but not good for the car either. It is not normal and sometimes it can lead to other auto problems if not addressed properly.

2. Excessive Smoke

Tailpipes normally sit the back of the car, so they do not get much attention at all. However, if you or someone else has told you that your tailpipe blows excessive smoke out of it, it maybe time for an engine rebuild. Also, if the smoke is thick and dark that might also be a clue. Just keep an eye on the tailpipe and take notice of any unusual smoke or a larger amount of it is coming out of your tailpipe.

3. Burning Oil Quickly

Getting new oil in your car is a normal part if maintenance, but if you feel that your car goes through too much oil you may want to consider getting your engine rebuilt. For an example if you use 1 qt of oil for every 1000 miles you drive, that would be a sign of burning the oil to quickly. So keep checking to see just how much oil you and your car goes through after driving for a certain amount of miles.

4. Compression Loss

If your car is misfiring, you may have compression loss which will only be repaired by doing an engine rebuild. Not only is misfiring annoying, but it can make you late and is also not good for you engines health. So make sure that you pay attention when starting up for any signs of misfiring.

5. Using Too Much Fuel?

Fuel for cars can be pricey and annoying to have to keep refilling up. But when the engine is slow or not working well, it can uses a lot more gas just to run. So checking your gas gauge on a regular base is a very good idea to check for signs of when you will need to rebuild your engine.

6. Oil Sludge

If you notice oil sludge on your oil pin when you clean and replace your oil, then you know your engine is not working well. Oil or coolant sludge is not just nasty, but also a tell-tale sign that you will need an engine rebuild very soon. Sludge is wasted oil or coolant that is not going to be used. Plus it can cause issues that may make your engine not run very well.

If you have any of these signs or even just one, it would be best to do an engine rebuild as soon as you can. Catching these issues early will be key in keeping your automobile running smoothly for long time.


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