6 Solar Tube Lighting Options Explained

Solar tube lighting offers natural daylight while also helping to cut electricity costs. Even a room that normally does not get sufficient sunlight through its windows will benefit from solar tube lighting that will help make up for any deficit in natural sunshine. This form of lighting is a lot more pleasant than the best that can be obtained through electrical lighting. In addition, there will be major savings your electric bills. All these factors show that it is a good idea to find out more about different solar tube lighting options.

Parts of Tube Lighting

Essentially, solar tube lights are made up of 3 main parts. First, there is a unit that has to be mounted on the roof and which receives direct as well as indirect rays from the sun. The second part is some metal tubing which has an interior that is very reflective. This part is used for channeling the light received from the sun down into the room. The third part is a unit that can be mounted either on the ceiling or on a wall and which shines light into a room. This unit comprises of a surface that is frosted to enable better blending of light.

DIY Project

For those who have better than average handyman skills, installing solar tube lighting systems as a DIY project makes perfect sense. Of course, it is necessary to purchase the best solar tube lights including those that are made by Natural Light, Solatube as well as by ODL.

What Are the Benefits?

Before installing or using solar tube lights in a home, it is important to determine how these lights can benefit the home. The first and perhaps most obvious benefit is that these lights are very attractive and pleasing to the eye and they give a room a more natural feel. Best of all, once installed, they will make it possible to illuminate the home for free.

Infrared Barriers

Most solar tube lights come with infrared barriers whose main function is to permit light in the visible spectrum to enter a home. At the same time, these barriers will prevent solar heat from entering the room which ensures that during the summer months the room will not heat up unnecessarily.

Easy and Cheap to Install

Solar tube lighting is easy as well as very cheap to install. This is a good reason to pick such lights for every room in a home.

Tax Credits

Installing solar tube lighting in a home will mean becoming eligible for different tax credits at local, province/state levels as well as at federal level. In the US, installing solar tube lights means getting a 30 percent Federal tax credit but with a ceiling of fifteen hundred dollars.

The bottom line is that installing solar tube lighting in a home means using natural energy from the sun to obtain exceptional lighting. Such units are capable of producing high intensity lights that are as bright as the best lights, but they differ in that they do not emit any carbon. These lights can be fitted in different places, but are most oft used for providing natural light into rooms which cannot have windows in them.