6 Stainless Steel Sink Styles 6 Stainless Steel Sink Styles

Stainless steel sinks are the first choice of anyone replacing a kitchen sink. They are durable, have a long life and are beautiful. Even after extended use, stainless steel sinks don’t show many signs of wear. Because of their vast popularity, stainless sinks are available in a number of styles. Each of these styles can be found in a number of different finishes and decorative designs. 


A drop-in sink is what many homeowners have in their homes today. Drop-in sinks are placed after the counter top is installed. There is a lip that runs around the sink and connects the sink to the counter top.  Drop-in sinks are the most do-it-yourself friendly. They can be installed in a short time period and are readily available at most every home improvement store. 

Drop-in sinks are available in single, double, and triple bowl styles among other variations.


An undermount sink is set under the counter top. There is no metal lip that runs along the sink to connect in to the counter top. The counter top will run all the way to the opening of the sink. Because there is no lip surrounding the sink, undermount sinks can match any décor because they are virtually invisible. The only time you actually see the sink is when you stand over it. Some people prefer undermount sinks because there is no chance of food and debris collecting, as sometimes happens in the drop-in styles. 

Undermount sinks are available in single double, and triple bowl styles among other variations. 

Single Bowl

A single bowl sink is one large bowl. There is no separation in the one large bowl. This type of sink is not normally installed in homes built today. However, it is not uncommon to see a single bowl sink in an older home. These are sometimes the type of sink chosen for large utility areas. When installed in a kitchen, they can present some logistical problems for the home cook.

Double Bowl

A double bowl sink is what is most commonly seen in kitchens. The large sink is separated into two compartments by a large ridge. A double bowl sink is preferred by most home cooks because you can use the sink for more than one purpose simultaneously. For example, you could clean vegetables in bowl and stack dishes in another. 

Triple Bowl

Triple bowl sinks are not very common. Unless the kitchen was custom built or there was a special order placed for the sink, most homes won’t ever see a triple bowl sink. These sinks are built similarly to the double bowl; however, where the large ridge separates the two compartments there is a small third bowl. Triple bowl sinks are sometimes seen in restaurants. The third bowl is sometimes used as a bar sink or for additional food preparation. 


Oversized sinks are usually single or double bowl sinks. These sinks are larger than the standard variety. They will require a larger opening to be cut in the counter top. Oversized sinks are available in both undermount and drop-in styles. 

You can now determine which stainless steel sink will best fit your needs.

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