6 Summer Scents for Candle Makers

If you are looking to make a competitive collection of homemade candles, either to give as gifts, use around the house, or sell on the craft market, you might want to look at creating great summer scents for attracting customers who are adding aromatic candles to a beach-house or other summer vacation spot, or just changing their interior home accents for the summer season. It might seem like a detail, but crafting good seasonal scents can help you corner more of the market in a small craft business, or give you better results with homemade craft items.

Some Popular Summer Scents for Candle Makers

Getting some of the best summer scents into your candle collection means looking at all of the themes and ideas that people commonly associate with the summer season. Using some of these excellent recommendations from seasoned candle makers, you can craft those special scented candles with wax, paraffin, and a few other basic elements.

  1. Beach Scented Candles – One great summer idea for candles is a beach or island scent. Some pros are close-lipped about exactly how they make “tropical or “beach” scents, but the coconut scent is an old standby for creating a tropical aroma. Think about blending in other elements that give your beach scent a lighter effect.
  2. Seasonal Fruits – Another way to give your candles a seasonal theme is with some very familiar smells associated with the fruits of summer. A watermelon candle is often considered part of a summer theme, and some pros recommend lime as another similar option. Either of these can be blended into a uniquely summer scent that will help you make more out of your DIY aromatics.
  3. Spring/Summer Flowers – Another strategy for summer is to base your candle aromas on specific seasonal blooms. Whether it’s hibiscus, lilacs, jasmine or marigolds, these light, floral notes can really jazz up your seasonal array of candles.
  4. Linen Scent – Other candle makers use a kind of “clean linen” theme for some of the lighter aromas that buyers associate with summer scents. Think about adding some of the smells and essences of natural cleaners that incorporate floral or fresh odors into a candle design.
  5. Palm Oils – If your candles lack that summery presence, one neat trick is to use palm oils to simulate the kinds of vegetation smells in some summer paradise spots. A palm frond scent can add a summer note to your candle recipe.
  6. Summer Drink Scents – Another idea for summer candles: add tones of the smells in popular summer cocktails. This might appeal to a more specific set of customers, but it’s another arrow in your quiver for incorporating summer fun into your products.

The above are just some of the popular ways for home candle makers to incorporate a distinctly seasonal feel into their line of products. Keep working with collections of smells in order to craft your own “secret recipe” of candle aromas that bring people into a seasonal state of mind.