6 Things to Ask when Touring Wedding Venues

A wedding is one of the most exciting, yet challenging times in a couple's life: and finding the right place from a list of wedding venues is just one thing that can add to the stress of organising a big day. Touring around wedding venues can give you ideas, or it can eliminate the last shreds of hope that you could get through the wedding planning without either having to take out a second mortgage and without having a big row with your partner.

1. Choosing a Venue by Size or Location?

The first questions that need to be asked are about yourself and your partner. What are your priorities when it comes to holding your wedding: does it need to be large enough to take the whole family complete with distant kin, or are you looking to invite only close friends and family members? You could also consider whether a venue is right for you by looking at how close it is to your home, or to the homes of your families. Some couples even limit their wedding venues to places near their work, so they can get married quickly in their lunch hour.

2. Which Atmosphere Suits You and Your Partner?

Consider the atmosphere of a place. Does this fit with your attitude, and your partners? Picking a very formal range of wedding venues could be a bad idea of you are both rather fun-loving and exuberant. Similarly, if the happy couple are shy and retiring, a bingo hall is probably not the best option when considering wedding venues.

3. What are Your Options?

Sometimes, it is a matter of finding a wedding venue that has a space available. Some places are booked nearly two years in advance. Couples planning only brief engagements should not set their hearts on a place that doesn't have any vacancies, so if you don't plan to wait, be flexible about wedding venues and the date and time of the marriage. Ask yourself if you want to wait forever in order to book a place in one particular venue.

Sometimes, couples can be put of wedding venues due to friend's experiences with the place. It is always a good idea to ask around and consider whether you would be happy getting married in a place that others did not like.

4. What Does the Venue Allow?

Decide with your partner upon a shortlist of venues, and then look at the small print and complications that could arise from using particular wedding venues: do they allow photography, for example.

5. What Does the Venue Include?

What do particular wedding venues have to offer? Do they include bar service, and table linen: in some places, you will be lucky even to get individual forks. Are there additional service charges?

Is there insurance in case anything goes wrong? What's the policy on sudden cancellations (there may be an accident or sickness, unwelcome, but not getting the deposit back can be unpleasant too).

6. How do You Pay?

What is the payment method? Will the total payment be due shortly before the wedding? Will you need to include extra payments for bar bills and staffing costs?