6 Things to Know Before Buying a Screw Extractor

A screw extractor is a woodworking tool that many handymen use for their work. Here are the best ways to choose one:

1 - Knowing The Types Of Screw Extractors

You will normally use a screw extractor to remove broken screws. The two types of screw extractors are the spiral flute structure and the straight flute structure.

2 - Strength Of The Screw Extractor

You will most likely use these extractors to remove difficult screws and the extractors are made of hard steel. They are very durable and will get the job done efficiently.

3 - How The Extractors Are Used

Difficult screws are removed by these devices since the extractors lock tightly onto them in a harsh manner. The extractors give a tight grip onto the screws and levels them for an even pull.

4 - Working Safely With The Screw Extractor

Always protect your hands when working with any of the screw extractors. Since they primarily work with broken screws this will stop your hands from being cut.

5 - Accesories To The Screw Extractors

The straight fluted extractors often come in a kit which may include drill bushings, special nuts and associated drills.

6 - Keeping The Extractor Safe

Never use a steel hammer on the screw extractor since this hammer will brake the extractor.