6 Things to Put In Your Man Cave

Every man needs a man cave in the house. It’s a place to retreat to, where beer drinking can be done in privacy, and where there’s no danger of female influence pervading. It’s a place of true male primacy. Having a man cave is fine, but there are certain things that are necessary in every one. These aren’t just optional extras but things that you really have to have to make the male life worth living.

1 - Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a must have item for every man cave. It saves you having to run down to the kitchen whenever you want a cold beer, and you can store enough for when friends come over for the game, too. Additionally, it’s what you need for colds cuts, bread, mayo and all the sandwich fixings, as you need to eat as well as drink.

2 - Television

Every man cave has to be equipped with a television. Not just an ordinary set, but a large screen TV. It’s the only way to watch the game, or an action movie, or whatever you choose. It’s even better when hooked up to a home theater system, but if you’re on a budget, a widescreen television makes the ideal start in the man cave.

3 - Seating

A man cave requires comfortable seating, and somewhere you can put your feet up. A recliner is ideal, of course, but what about your friends. Have a good couch for them and an ottoman for the feet. You should be able to be a slob in a man cave, not to have to sit up or set an example. It’s a place to be yourself, and that means being able to sprawl around in comfort.

4 - Remote Control

Possibly the most valuable thing in the entire man cave is the remote control. With a home theater system everything should be hooked up to remote controls so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your chair to adjust volumes or switch between, say, a CD and a DVD.

5 - Sound System

The ideal man cave needs music, where you can play what you want to hear without anyone else being disturbed. It should be the best set up you can afford, so you can listen at volume without any distortion. With surround sound you can have speakers all round the man cave, but even if it’s just a stereo, position the speakers for the best sound from your favorite chair.

6 - Art

Your choice of art might not match that of others in the house. In the man cave, however, you’re the king, so you can display sports memorabilia, music memorabilia, and whatever else you want. What goes up on the wall is your choice and no one should say it’s inappropriate. This is male territory, and in the man cave, men rule. You shouldn’t have to be afraid of the opinion of others, because females shouldn’t go there unless it’s absolutely necessary. It’s your retreat, and the choice is up to you.