6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Knit

knitted pillows and slippers on feet
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What You'll Need
What You'll Need

Knitting is easy to learn, and once you've gotten a hang of the basics, you may be ready to take off and knit a thousand projects.

Before you bury yourself in skeins of yarn and bite off more than you can chew, check out a few of these projects that are both beautiful and beginner-friendly.

Hot Pads and Wash Cloths

Ok, we know, it's basically just knitting a square, but knit hot pads and washcloths are darn handy. We have a few sitting in our sink right now.

Hot pads and washcloths use basic stitches to create a small square and based on the yarn you pick, you can use them as washcloths or hot pads. Make sure you pick a yarn that is good with heat if you decided to make a hot pad and a yarn that's good with water if you decided to knit a washcloth.

This is an easy DIY project because you can use the basic skills you already know on a small scale to create a hot pad or a washcloth. If you need a little extra help or instruction, or you're someone who thrives with a step-by-step tutorial, hop online. There are dozens of free patterns.

Pick some fun yarn and get crazy with your pattern.

Cat Toys

happy sleeping cat curled up with knit cat toy

You can knit simple hearts and fill them with catnip for your kittens to play with. Using a basic heart pattern, stuff the heart with all-natural batting and a little catnip.

If you're feeling extra fancy, you can attach your heart to a string and a stick so you can play with the cat. Or, you can simply leave the heart as is and give your kitten the gift of an irresistible cat toy.

Because this project will end up in your feline's mouth, we recommend using wool yarn.

Dog Bandana

If you love dressing up your four-legged friend, then a dog bandana is the right project for you. Using a basic bandana pattern that you can access for free online, create a dog bandana that is adjusted to the size of your pup's neck.

Have fun picking out yarn and experimenting with colors and patterns on this project. If there's a trick you've been wanting to try, this is an easy place to do that.

You can make a bandana that slides over the collar or buttons in the back.


hands holding pink knit slippers

We have many fond memories of wearing knit slippers from grandma until we walked holes right into them. Knit slippers are very cozy and a great gift to give a friend... or yourself.

While perhaps the most challenging knit on the list, slippers are not an impossible task. Once you feel confident in your knitting skills find a free slipper pattern online or purchase on Etsy. There are hundreds to choose from.

Slippers will take a little more time to knit, but the end result is so fun. Play around with color and pattern as you bring your 3D knitting project to life. If you get stuck at any point as you knit your way to warmer feet, hop on Youtube for a little video troubleshooting help.


You won't need a lot of yarn but you will need a little patience to knit scrunchies. With a little yarn and a little elastic, you can create completely custom scrunchies that are so fun and very giftable.

You'll want to follow a pattern for this knitting adventure, but don't worry, there are several free patterns online for knit scrunchies. Because it's a little more advanced than simply knitting a square, we do recommend that you don't start here (and that you practice patience with yourself as you go).

Not ready to knit any of these projects quite yet? Click here to learn a little more about the basics.