6 Tips for Applying Glitter Wall Paint 6 Tips for Applying Glitter Wall Paint

Glitter wall paint is a rather unique type of paint that is used in specific instances. What was only used in the application of popcorn ceilings, glitter is now found in several different colors and paint mixes to provide a unique wall covering for bedrooms, entertainment rooms, and outdoor living areas. Depending on the actual glitter, and the amount contained in the paint, you could also use glitter wall paint in living rooms, kitchens and formal dining rooms. Applying this paint does require that you use a little bit of patient or the glitter can be spread throughout the house.

Clean Wall First

Before applying your glitter wall paint you will want to take the time to clean your entire wall first. Use some mild detergent and warm water to wash down the walls. Be careful not to over saturate the walls, but to just get them wet enough to take off the dirt and grime.

Use Glitter Paint

You can use different kinds of glitter techniques in order to have this type of application. One is to use paint that already had glitter in it. Make sure that you get the amount of glitter that you want within the mix. Applying this to the wall is done through the use of a roller or a paint brush. When painting the glitter on the wall keep it smooth and watch out for clumps of glitter situated in one place at a time. Run the brush through the paint several times in order to move the glitter around.

Apply Glitter Afterward

Another technique that you can use for glitter wall paint is to paint the wall first and then add the glitter. This is a method that has been used in the past, but can be very messy. You will need to spray the glitter onto the wall while the paint is still wet and move in a consistent manner. If you stop too long in one position then the glitter will clump up in that spot.

Start in Corner

In order to get the most out of your glitter wall paint you should start your work on one side or in the corner. This will help you to move along in a consistent manner without worrying about going over a dry area. The key to success with glitter wall paint is to have a consistent covering on the wall so you do not have to go over it again when it is dry.

Keep Things Covered

Glitter has a way of getting everywhere when you work with it. It does not matter if it is a craft, or just as an accessory for clothing, the glitter will eventually end up in places where you do not want it. Painting an entire wall will mean that the opportunity for the glitter to spread around is very high. Use many drop cloths, paint coveralls, gloves, and even hair protection in order to keep the glitter down to a minimum.

Cover with Glaze

After the glitter wall paint has dried you should go over it with a clear glaze to bring out the glitter even more and to also protect the surrounding area from falling glitter.

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