6 Tips for Buying a Used Dune Buggy

Buying a used dune buggy can be a great money-saving way to own one of these fun vehicles if you take the right precautions. A brand new model could set you back thousands of dollars. Therefore, the second hand market is much more appealing, but there are many things you need to bear in mind to make sure you do not get ripped off before the fun of using your dune buggy begins!

Check the Tires

Inspect the tires, as these are often the most often replaced parts on this type of vehicle because of misuse. Patchy or rough tires can be an indication of how a dune buggy has been used. This is also a giveaway sign that the suspension on the dune buggy may need tweaking or repairing at some point in the near future. Use a jack to lift the buggy into the air and check for signs of damage on the wheel arches.

The Frame

Be sure to check the frame of the dune buggy before you commit to a purchase. Look closely for any large cracks or areas of damage. This is important because these cracks could let moisture into the vehicle as well as affect the stability of the vehicle. This moisture will cause rust, which will weaken the frame of the dune buggy. The frame will protect you if the dune buggy rolls in a crash. If the frame is damaged, this will greatly increase the risk to your safety if you lose control of the dune buggy.

The Gas Tank

Checking the gas tank is something which is commonly ignored. You can use a flashlight to shine inside and look for any areas of rust or cracking. A rusting gas tank will mean that an engine will eventually have to be repaired or re-built. This is because flakes of rust will fall into the petrol and will eventually be injected into the engine. This will cause huge damage and take much time and money to get corrected. Splits or cracks can also lead to dangerous situations in the event of an accident as well as allowing fuel to drain to the floor.


When you go to view a dune buggy, a good tip is to take along a friend who knows a bit about mechanics. They will be able to ask questions for you that you may never have thought of yourself. They can ask about the vehicle's history and make conclusions that you may not be able to. They can also help you check shock points on a dune buggy for damage and rusting.

Shop Around

A dune buggy is an exciting and appealing escape from everyday driving. Therefore, many of these power vehicles will be available on the used market from owners who have become bored with their dune buggies. A good tip is view several models before deciding on which to buy. This could save you a great deal of money and get you a better deal.

Try it for Yourself

The final tip for buying a used dune buggy is to test drive the buggy yourself. Get in and drive it on a variety of surfaces and terrains. Make sure everything works correctly and the drive feels as it should. You will not know if it is the right dune buggy for you until you get in and take it for a spin.