6 Tips for Choosing an Oscillating Sprinkler 6 Tips for Choosing an Oscillating Sprinkler

An oscillating sprinkler can work on its own to keep your garden wet in a dry summer. It’s more effective than a hose and covers much more ground. When you’re looking to buy an oscillating sprinkler, there are several things to consider that will result in your buying the best tool for your needs.

1 - Price

As with anything, the cheapest oscillating sprinkler won’t necessarily save you money, and the most expensive might not be worth the price. You want something that’s worth the price, but which isn’t going to cost a fortune. Talk to friends who use an oscillating sprinkler. They’ll have had good experiences and bad with different brands. Obtain recommendations, as well as learn which makes to avoid. Check reviews online and use those for reference.

2 - Durability

You want an oscillating sprinkler that’s going to last for several years. That means the moving parts have to be made from material that will last. Cheap plastic is going to wear and break quickly, especially if you use the oscillating sprinkler a great deal. Look for sprinklers where the gears and cogs are made of good material that will wear slowly.

3 - Range Of Spray

You want as oscillating sprinkler with a good range of range, which should go between 20 and 30 feet. If it goes more than that, then you won’t achieve good coverage. The more holes the sprinkler has the better the water coverage of an area will be. Ideally, look for a sprinkler that has 18 holes on the bar.

You also need to be able to make adjustments to the coverage, so the sprayer is useful in different areas. This should be easy to do, from a single knob, and the changes should be accurate. The whole point of the oscillating spray is to enable different sweeps of water over the area.

4 - Design

Although there is a standard design for the oscillating sprinkler, there are some that offer innovations. Some new models offer 360 degree coverage and push into the lawn with a spike, for instance. Others will have better filters. This stops particulates entering and clogging the holes on the sprinkler, which removes some of your water coverage.

5 - Maintenance

You might not be thinking of maintenance on your oscillating sprinkler, but if you need to take it apart for any reason, you want to be able to do it easily. Look for a sprinkler that will disassemble and assemble quickly and won’t require any special tools. This will cut down on your time fiddling with it, as well as your frustration.

6 - Ease Of Use

You want an oscillating sprinkler where all you have to do is attach the hose, place it where you want it and then switch on the water. Any sprinklers where the procedure is more involved than that should be avoided as the basic idea behind the tool isn’t meant to be complex. Taking the factors here into account, you should be able to find the perfect oscillating sprinkler for your yard.

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