6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Bathroom Mirror

Take a look at your bathroom mirror. If the surface is yellowing, losing backing, cracked, chipped, bowed, or otherwise unsightly, it’s time to consider replacing the mirror. It will transform your bathroom for a reasonable cost and effort. Here are 6 tips to consider.

Consider Style

What look are you going for with your bathroom mirror? Are you trying to replace a traditional mirror with one that’s sleek and contemporary? Do you want a country theme or something high-tech? The mirror you choose must fit the style of the bathroom.

You want to make sure that it blends well and doesn’t look like an afterthought. If you’re just replacing a mirror with the same style, your project is marginally less complicated. There are still many other points to consider.

Size Matters

Before you haul the old bathroom mirror to the dump, measure the space for the new mirror. If you’re going smaller, you may need to refinish the wall. If a larger mirror is in your plan, make sure the bathroom has sufficient space to accommodate it. Keep proportions in mind as well. You don’t want to overwhelm or underwhelm your bathroom with a mirror that’s not the right size.

Don’t Forget About Shape

Besides size, the overall shape of the bathroom mirror is an equally important consideration. Do you want a rectangular shape or an oval? What about a perfect square or a round? Geometric or irregular shapes are also available. Just be sure that the shape of the mirror complements the rest of the bathroom décor.

Wall-Mount vs. Edgeless

You really have only 2 choices, which are an edgeless wall-mount mirror or a framed mirror. With a framed mirror, you can remove and replace it with another framed mirror, or go with a mirror that fits the entire wall space. You could also redo your current framed mirror with beveled glass stripping that’s corner-mitered and applied to all 4 sides.

Design Details

When selecting a bathroom mirror, design details make a world of difference. There are mirrors that contain embedded glass in a myriad colors. Tiles can be applied in mosaics or intricate designs around the edges. There are varying types, designs, and shapes of beveled edges to consider.


Frames of exotic wood, chrome, stainless steel, leather, and other materials make for exciting new looks for that mirror on the wall in your bathroom. Also consider iron, copper, and plastic. There are etched mirror frames and framed mirrors with colored designs. Seashells and jewels can be embedded as well. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and budget.