6 Tips for Increasing the Life of Screen Storm Doors 6 Tips for Increasing the Life of Screen Storm Doors

Screen storm doors are a great addition to any door where you want to be able to protect the front door from cold, snow, and ice. Many people use a screen storm door in the summer months also to allow a breeze through the home without letting in any insects. Keeping storm screen doors for a long period of time is a project all of its own. There are several ways that you can keep your storm screen door for several years without any problems.

1. Preventative Maintenance

To keep your storm screen doors problem free, and increase their life, you will need to be proactive in the maintenance. A yearly schedule of routine projects will ensure that you not only protect your front door, but will also keep the same storm door for many years. Keep to a routine where you perform preventative maintenance to the door in the spring and fall.

2. Keep Clean

A clean storm door is a door that will last much longer than other doors. This is because you are getting rid of the things that cause the most damage; dirt. When there gets to be a lot of dirt build up in the hinges, the hydraulic pin, the door handle, and even the metal skin itself, you can have plenty of problems. The components will not work the way they should and scratches will begin to form on the surface. Wash it down at least twice a year with a simple cleaning solution of water and dishwashing liquid.

3. Keep Lubricated

Another common problem with storm screen doors is that the hinges, handle, and closing arm can become dried out after a long winter or summer. When these areas dry out they will not work correctly and will wear down the different parts. Giving each of the components a little shot of lubricant like silicone or WD-40 will help preserve the life of your door.

4. Keep Painted

As the years go on you will notice that scratches will appear on your door. This is the natural occurrence of being out in the weather, opened on a daily basis, and banged into. If the scratches are allowed to stay open without any type of covering, the metal will oxidize and rust. This leads to holes in the door and the need to replace it. Use some rust preventative paint on a bi-annual basis, or when needed. This will keep your door not only looking new, but also free from rust.

5. Keep Installed

Many homeowners get into the routine of removing their storm screen door in the spring time when they think that they do not need it any longer. However, the constant removal, and then re-installation of the door will cause more damage than keeping it installed. The screw holes will need to be repaired after a few installations, and the door will have a tendency to sag. Once the storm door is installed, leave it on and keep up the maintenance on it.

6. Keep Sturdy

Screen storm doors will begin to sag after a few years of use. When you see this start to happen, repair it immediately. Remove the screws that are holding the hinges in place and replace them with longer ones. You can also periodically install a wooden dowel into the screw hole for a brand new piece of wood to hold it in place.

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