6 Tips for Maintaining a Hydronic Heating System

If you want an inexpensive way to heat your home that is also healthy, you'll want to consider if a hydronic heating system is for you. The hydronic heating system not only saves you money on heating costs but, unlike forced air systems, it does not circulate dust. A hydronic heating system uses radiant heat which comes from the floor or from low walls. This not only maintains the temperature of the home but does not create drafts or allergy concerns. To keep a hydronic heating system working you will need to maintain it properly. Here are some tips.

Check the Boiler or Furnace

The most common issue with a hydronic heating system is the neglect of the furnace or the boiler. You need to maintain these in order to keep your hydronic heating system working effectively and efficiently. Check the furnace or the boiler for deposits of calcium or spots of rust. Either of these issues will cause the boiler or furnace to work more than it should. You can dissolve calcium deposits with the right chemicals and then treat your water for amounts of calcium. Rust can be scoured away, and any holes can be patched.

Certified or Bust

Maintaining the actual hydronic heating system should be done by someone who is certified to work on this type of system. Many plumbers you find in the phone book are not qualified to maintain hydronic heating systems.

Use a Good Cleaner

There are cleaners that are specifically made for the hydronic heating system and only these should be used. These cleaning products help to maintain a proper pH balance within the hydronic heating system. These cleaners aid in stopping corrosion and calcium deposits from forming. The cost for this specialized chemical may seem high, but it is considerably cheaper than the cost of replacing the hydronic heating system, furnace or boiler.

No Stalling

It is easy to put off maintenance on household systems and appliances. If you do a maintenance check once a month on your hydronic heating system, you will be able to avoid costly repairs or put them off for many years.

Do it Right the First Time

Installing a hydronic heating system yourself can lead to a long list of ongoing problems. It is recommended that you only use a professional to install a hydronic heating system. It may cost you more money than doing it yourself, but doing it right the first time will save you money and ensure the system is correctly installed.

Know the System

Use the Internet to research hydronic heating systems. Familiarize yourself with its parts, operation and maintenance. The better you understand it, the quicker you will know when something isn't right.