6 Tips for Making a Straight Cut for Drywall Corners 6 Tips for Making a Straight Cut for Drywall Corners

When you have to cut drywall it’s important that the corners are completely square. The nature of drywall is that the corners can be the hardest part to cut cleanly. It’s an area that can crumble easily, so following the proper technique is vital to cut drywall.

Tip #1 - Sheetrock Square

Use a sheetrock square for the angle. It’s an ideal guide. It resembles a T square but is much bigger to work adequately on drywall. If you’re cutting a great deal of drywall it makes for a good investment to make sure you have everything right.

Tip #2 - Chalk Line

Know how to snap a chalk line properly. It’s something you’ll do often when you cut drywall, so take the time to learn the technique. It’s simple to master and will give you a good, straight line across the drywall, prior to cutting. Remember, as with all measuring, before you cut, measure twice or even more. That way you avoid making costly and frustrating mistakes.

Tip #3 - Sawhorse

To cut drywall, put it up on a pair of sawhorses. This keeps the drywall horizontal and allows you to move around it easily so you’re not cramped for space and can measure and work in comfort. That way you’ll be able to have a square corner without any problem.

Tip #4 - Cutting

When you’re cutting the drywall, you only need to cut down about 1/16th of an inch. There’s no need to gouge deep with your utility knife. You’re simply scoring the surface so you can bend it back. To be certain that you keep a straight line, use the sheetrock square to guide you. As you approach the corner, keep a clean sweep with the knife so that the stroke extends beyond the drywall. Be certain that your utility knife has a new, sharp blade to cut cleanly.

Tip #5 - Breaking

The real problem with the square corner can occur when you break off the pieces of drywall. Don’t try to break off the drywall from the front, which is the side where you’ve scored through the surface and bent the drywall back.

To cut drywall properly you need to turn the drywall over and work from the back. This is how you manage to achieve a clean cut and a square corner. Having folded the drywall, there will be a fold line to follow with your utility knife. Be sure to follow that and use the sheetrock square again so your line doesn’t wave. Once again, at the corners, make sure the square is lined up properly and pull the knife toward you in a sweep that carries the knife beyond the edge of the drywall.

Tip #6 - Checking

After you’ve cut the drywall, always check the corners with the sheetrock square to be certain they’re square. If some small pieces need to be removed, work carefully with your utility knife until you’ve made the corner square. Tiny bumps can be carefully sandpapered down. If you’re cutting drywall to fit into a corner, always take time first to be certain that the corner of the wall is actually square.

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