6 Tips for Properly Operating a Steam Generator Iron

A steam generator iron will make ironing clothes much easier. While nobody likes ironing and this iron won't make ironing any more fun, it will make the whole process much quicker. Nobody likes to spend ages ironing and doing their laundry chores. This steam generator iron can make things much simpler.

When using a steam generator iron there are some important things to bear in mind. These steam generator irons will get creases out faster and iron quicker.

1. Not Everything can Use Steam

Be careful what you are ironing because not everything can use steam. Steam could end up causing harm to delicate materials such as silk or certain other materials. It's important that you read the labels to find out what temperature you can iron your clothes at, it's also important to decide whether or not you can use steam.

The care label will help you to determine whether or not steam ironing is suitable. It's not always suitable for everything so you need to be very careful.

2. Make Sure There's Plenty of Water

You must ensure that there's plenty of water in your steam generator iron. If there's not enough water in your iron then the steam function won't work even if it's turned on. This could also end up in causing harm to your iron if you're not careful. You will need to always keep plenty of water in the iron.

Steam generator irons with an external reservoir can hold much more water than other types where the water bottle is fitted into the iron itself.

3. Use a Good Ironing Board

Also make sure that you're ironing on a good quality ironing board. If your ironing board is a poor quality then this will cause the steam to escape out the bottom of the ironing board without doing anything to your clothes. This will also cause the water to condense and drip out of the bottom of the ironing board.

4. Iron Carefully

Steam irons produce steam which is extremely hot. You must be careful that you don't only get burned by the iron itself but also that you don't get burned by the steam which comes out of the iron. Be very careful to avoid this happening.

5. Iron Slowly

Don't rush to iron clothes because if you do you will find that this will not produce the best results. You need to iron the clothes slowly and continually move the clothes so that they are free of creases.

6. Cleaning Steam Irons

Over time the inside of your steam iron will fur up like the inside of your kettle. This is a result of limescale and cannot be avoided. You should clean the steam iron periodically using vinegar to get rid of any limescale and improve the health of your steam iron. This will make the steam iron function work much better and you will find that there won't be any blockages.