6 Tips for Remodeling a Sun Porch

A sun porch can make a nice addition to your home. It is a type of enclosed porch usually located at the front or side of a house. Several windows are installed in the walls which creates the appearance of glass walls. This allows you to enjoy the sun and view outside from an enclosed site. The porch keeps out insects and dust which makes it a comfortable place to relax in the home. A well-remodeled sun porch allows you to enjoy more quality time at home. Comfort, style and functionality are some of the guiding points. Below are 6 tips to help you remodel.

1.   Flooring

Select a flooring material that can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight. Such floors usually have lower maintenance requirements and can last for several years in good shape. They make a cost-effective choice for a sunroom. Concrete, tile and slate are some good choices. You could throw in some rugs or carpet for more warmth and comfort on the floor.

2.   Lighting

You’re likely to use your sunroom mainly during the day to enjoy the sunshine and view the outdoors. As such, the sun’s lighting should suffice in the daytime. However, installation of the right lighting allows you to use the room for nighttime activities as well. This adds to the functionality of your sunroom. Do not over-light the room. Provide just enough light that will enable a comfortable adjustment for your eyes from inside to outside.

3.   Fans

During hot weather, the room can heat up to uncomfortable degrees. Proper ventilation helps to make the room more comfortable. It allows you to enjoy the sun’s light and warmth without being hampered by poor ventilation. It helps if you install a fan in the room to create good circulation of air.

4.   Blinds and Shades

It is a good idea to protect your sunroom furnishings from excessive direct sunlight. Vertical or horizontal blinds can helps you control the amount of sunlight that filters into the room. Various designs are available on the market. You may even want to consider translucent screens which allow you to see through yet block UV rays. This enhances the beauty of your sun porch and also increases functionality.

5.   Furniture

The predominantly glass walls allow a high degree of sunlight to filter through. Pick furniture that has a high resistance to sunlight. This will ensure that it doesn’t loose its beauty with time due to constant exposure to the sun. Wicker, bamboo and metal furniture are good choices for your sunroom. These can tolerate constant heat and humidity without adverse effects. You may want to place cushions on your furniture to make them more comfortable.

6.   Plants

Enhance the appearance and feel of a natural atmosphere in your sunroom with plants. They help to decorate your sunroom and also have a therapeutic effect. Along with plenty of sunshine, plants enable you to relax and feel rejuvenated in the sunroom. Be sure to choose plants that thrive in plenty of sunlight. These contribute to vibrancy and enhance the natural appeal of your sun porch.