6 Tips for Spreading Wood Chips

You will find that wood chips have many different uses. You can buy them pre-packed or you can make your own. If you were to make your own, you would be recycling your own yard waste and that would be a great thing. Wood chips come from many types of wood. Your intended use for the wood chips will determine what kind of wood chips you want to purchase. And once you have finalized the wood chips, you can use the below mentioned tips to spread the wood chips in your garden or yard.

1. Get Tools

In order to successfully complete the task, get all tools handy such as gloves, wheelbarrow, shovel and gardening shoes. A wheelbarrow is a must if you want chips to be spead over a large space.

2. Inspect the Area

Before you start spreading the wood chips, it is best to inspect the area for any holes. Also, you need to make sure that there is enough room for chips to be placed. You should generally load all the wood chips in a cart and take it to the place where the chips are to be spread.

3. Placement

It is best to place one shovelful at a time. This will ensure that the chips get spread evenly. Also, you will need to make sure there is enough space around the tree. Generally speaking, it should be 6 inches wide. If  you are spreading chips near small plants, then don't use a shovel.

4. Quantity

To provide a good effect and to make wood chips last for long time, ensure that chips are spread at least 3 to 4 inches deep. This will also ensure that weeds do not come up easily. It will also help to hold the moisture in the soild.

5. Finishing Touches

Once you spread the chips, take another layer of chips to evenly distribute it in the empty space.

The same can be said for swings. Some playgrounds will spread wood chips around the swing set and jungle gym areas to provide a soft surface to prevent injuries to children falling down or off of the swings. Wood chips also improve the appearance of parks and they are cleaner and more sanitary than sand.

6. Take Precaution

As you will be working in the sand, wear garden gloves. You do not want to carry germs to your home.

As you can see, wood chips have many great uses. Whether they are used for landscaping, pathways or playgrounds, a need for wood chips can always be found. You can also make your own wood chips. It is better to cut up some of those fallen branches and twigs in your yard then to let them go to waste. Wood chips will make your home stand out by making your yard look fantastic. They are as wonderful to use as they are beautiful to look at. So try some wood chips today and see what they can do for your home.