6 Tips for Using Glow in the Dark Stars in Your Home

One of the more popular additions children want in their rooms is with glow in the dark stars. These stars are normally seen in novelty stores and are simply stuck to the ceiling with a little dab of adhesive. After a certain amount of time, the phosphorous properties of the glow in the dark stars begin to fade and you are left with a ceiling full of dull stars. Today you have different options available to you where you can use special paint for using glow in the dark stars in your home. Here are a few tips for how you can incorporate these stars in different areas of your house.

Kid's Rooms are First

There is nothing that says good night like a set of incredible looking glow in the dark stars. A built in nightlight on the ceiling that will help kids feel at ease in their own personal starfield. The key to success with using glow in the dark stars in your child's bedroom is not to go overboard. A lot of parents believe that the more stars the better, but it will actually end up being too bright for the child to go to sleep. You don't need to have a plan, but you should have some sort of pattern that you want to use before you start painting stars on the ceiling.

Not Just for Kids

Glow in the dark stars can be easily incorporated into other areas of your home besides just being the domain of children's rooms. Dining rooms, sun rooms, dens, and even finished basement areas are great places for a few different sized stars spread around the ceiling or in a particular corner.

Paint Instead of Using Decals

With the new technologies in paint it is much better to use glow in the dark paint that it is to simply use decals. The phosphorous in the decals will begin to fade over time making the decals relatively useless. The glow in the dark paint will last for many years with only a slight degree of fading. If you decide to get paint that requires mixing glow powder with other components, make sure you wear a face mask and keep children away while you mix it.

Use Stencils for Perfect Stars

Before you try to paint on the glow in the dark stars with a free hand you will want to look at the different sized stencils that are available today. In fact, with certain stencil packs you can have a complete solar system on your ceiling. It is much easier to get a consistent pattern to your stars with stencils.

Dab Instead of Brush

When working with the glow in the dark paint you should always use a stencil brush that will allow you to dab at the paint instead of brushing on the paint. You are looking for a solid presentation instead of several paint lines and brush strokes. Obviously, remember to wear safety goggles and perhaps a face mask while working to keep the dripping paint out of your face.

Mix and Match Sizes

To give your glow in the dark stars a sense of realism you should spend some time mixing and matching the sizes of the stars. You do not want to use only one size, when you can have smaller ones mixed into your ceiling sky. This will help to not only tone done the brightness, but also provide a calming affect.