6 Tips to Reduce Energy Consumption at the Office

What You'll Need
Power Strip
Compact Florescent Light bulbs
Energy Star Appliances
Post it notes / Blackberry / PDA

When you are at work, consider these 6 tips to reduce energy consumption. The electronic use from fax machines, computers, copy machines and other power-hungry machines will lead to a large consumption of energy in the office space. However, you can do your part in reducing the energy in your office with a little education on which equipment to use and the effective ways to make your office more energy-friendly.

Step 1: Turn Off the Computer

Most computers, fax machines, copy machines and other electronic devices are turned off at the end of the day. However they are usually not disconnected or turned off from the power strip which may lead to a big impact on energy usage.

When you leave work, make sure to turn off your computer and other electronic devices. Even if powered off, laptop power plugs will use around 15 watts if they are still plugged into the wall, so disconnecting them when they are charged or at the end of the day will help on your energy bill. Power strips can connect all of your devices like the computer, fax, printer, laptop or any other devices in one place than can easy be turned off over nights and weekends.

It is interesting to note that if everyone in the United States shut down there computer every night, this country would be able to shut down 8 large power stations.

Step 2: Optimize your computer

All computers have a option for a energy saving mode which you can use to cut down on electric use. These setting will usually consist of either a sleep mode or a energy efficient way of saving your power supply.

Changing any old CRT monitors with the new LCD monitors will also save you on both power and room.

Step 3: Unplugging Devices

Even if they are turned off, some machines could still be using power if they are still plugged into the wall socket. Using a power strip or unplugging the device could save up to 75 percent of energy that would have been lost if not used in the correct manner. You can remind yourself to do this by leaving a reminder on a post it note or a PDA.

Step 4: Efficient Light Bulbs

Replace any old light bulbs with the new compact florescent light bulbs which have a longer life span. These usually last about 8 years and have higher lumens, are carbon-free and consume two-thirds of the energy.

Step 5: Energy Star

When your office is going to buy any new equipment, make sure they buy Energy Star. These electronics generally use as much as 65 percent less energy than the other brands. Their heaters in the winter may also greatly reduce the energy being used and will save the office money.

Step 6: Heating and Sunlight

Turning up your heat a few degrees can lead to a 3 percent increase in the energy cost. Use the sun, a free option, instead for heat and light. Not only will this save you money, it will also make your office feel more open.