6 Types of Deck Lights

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Deck lights are a vital aspect of the outdoor décor in any home. The lights are installed in various areas of the deck which may include stairs, porches, railings, posts and balconies. Illumination provided by the lights improves security for your home. The lights also allow you to extend recreational activities into the night which enhances outdoor living. Various types are available on the market. This may make selection a bit of a challenge. However, a good choice of deck lights can transform your home significantly. Below are 6 types you may want to consider.

1.   Recessed Deck Lights

These are installed at lower levels and illuminate upwards. The lights are installed in various places on the deck floor so that they sit flush with the surface. You may install recessed lights amongst deck floor boards, on pavers or underneath seating areas. Recessed deck lights are available in various styles and materials. The fixtures are manufactured from resilient materials, hence cannot be damaged by foot traffic.

2.   Accent Deck Lights

The light from accent fixtures is focused downwards. Accent lights are useful if you want to highlight certain outdoor features such as a tree, fountain or statue. Or you may simply wish to achieve a decorative effect with the lights, especially if you opt for the colored type. They can be installed on railings and posts and also help to enhance safety outdoors. Accent lights go a long way to enhance deck ambiance.

3.   Stair Deck Lights

If you want to enhance the appearance of stairs on your deck, you may want to consider stair lights. These are mounted onto the vertical riser of stairs. They facilitate sure footing which enhances safety during the night. Stair lights are usually small in size and come in various shapes and styles.

4.   Post Deck Lights

These are installed on the top of rails and posts along the deck area. Post lights are usually larger fixtures than other deck lights. This is because they are intended to cast light to a wider radius. They help to define the entrance to the deck as well as illuminate much of the deck and surrounding area.

5.   Solar Deck Lights

Solar power provides the energy for these lights. A miniature solar panel charges a small battery which provides lighting. You have to charge the lights for about 4 hours after which they provide light for up to 12 hours. Solar deck lights do not require wiring or connectors, which makes them easy to install. They also have no operational costs which makes them a cost-effective choice.

6.   Low Voltage Deck Lights

These utilize halogen bulbs that use only 10 watts of power. They make a great choice if you want to save on energy. Low voltage deck lights are a good alternative to solar deck lights. The lights are ideal for decks that are heavily surrounded by plant life which allows little sunlight to filter into the deck. The lights can be installed along walkways or grounded into the deck. You can also mount these lights on walls, siding and railings.