6 Types of Vinyl Siding 6 Types of Vinyl Siding

These days, there are many types of vinyl siding available. The modern house dweller has a wide variety of colors, makes and types of vinyl siding to choose from. Some vinyl sidings now come with matching architectural details and trim. During the manufacture of vinyl siding, texture can even be added to make the panels resemble different types of wood or even clapboard and shingle. In the USA and Canada, vinyl siding is now the most popular kind of siding, having replaced wood and lap siding some years ago. Choosing vinyl siding can be exciting. Because of the many styles, types and colors available, it gives you the chance to personalize the exterior of your home in an available and relatively inexpensive way. Below are a list of 6 popular types of vinyl siding to act as a guide for you when deciding what to feature on your home.

1. Batten and Board Vinyl Siding

This type of vinyl siding lends a certain rustic charm to buildings, imitating as it does the boards made from cedar that once adorned a great many homes. This style is distinctive in that both wide and narrow boards alternate to form the look of the siding.

2. Liquid Vinyl Siding

This type of vinyl exterior requires little or no maintenance, and gives a freshly painted look to a house. It also has a particular benefit in that it reflects heat, thus saving the homeowner money on bills. Unlike paint, liquid vinyl siding won’t flake and peel. It’s also good at weathering storms, and will retain a good look for quite a few years.

3. Seamless Vinyl Siding

This type of vinyl siding is like normal siding but it does not feature seams. Seams are present where one complete piece stops and another one begins. Over time, seams can come to be a focal point in terms of wear and tear, and it’s for that reason that seamless vinyl siding has an advantage. Due to the size of the pieces of vinyl siding involved, this type is usually manufactured to order.

4. Solid-Core Vinyl Siding

This type is good for the fact that it offers added protection against the elements. It has a foam core that is solid which permits the siding to be erected flat.

5. Vinyl Shake Siding

As with batten and board siding, this style affords a distinctive look to your home.

6. Traditional

Original may be best, as traditional vinyl siding proves. This type comes in many different textures and colors. As with other forms of vinyl siding, the original form does not rot and maintains a good appearance for some years after installation. 

When choosing a style of vinyl siding you’ll want to take a number of things into consideration. Aesthetic appearance, value and durability should be uppermost in your mind. Choose vinyl siding from a manufacturer that pays attention to detail. Remember that craftsmanship is as important when it comes to plastic as it is for more traditional materials. Get lasting, good quality vinyl siding so that your home looks good and keeps you safe from the elements for many years to come.

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