6 Unique Rock Driveway Designs

Rock driveway landscaping does not literally refer to the driveway. This just enhances the appearance and feel of your driveway. Landscaping your driveway is classified into two kinds-hardscape and softscape. The hardscape refers to the walls and fences and the softscape refers to the flower beds, ground cover, ornamental trees and shrubs. So when you decide what design to use for in your rock driveway then you must consider both the hardscape and softscape.  This article will give you some design ideas in landscaping your rock driveway.

1. Paint Your Plain Driveway

To create a dramatic entrance on your rock driveway, you may opt to change its color. Use a color stain or coating or cement resurfacing to do that for you. Transforming the feel and look of your driveway will change the way you see it.

2. Use of Solar Lights

Landscape lighting can alter the appearance and mood of your driveway. It enhances night visibility that will benefit you and the people who will be passing by or visiting your home. To do this you may insert a light that is similar to a runway design and place it on the border sides of your driveway, or adopt a lamp style for a more creative look.

3. Flowers and Foliage

This is a softscape design, adding flowers and foliage will bring out different colors to your driveway. You may also want to add small trees, or a flower border, or rock garden décor to enhance the driveway. Do combine plants, trees, flowers and other greenery items and create a beautiful array of this on your driveway. People will surely be attracted with your driveway ensemble.

4. Installing Trellises

Attach a trellis on the connecting fence, wall or on the porch and plant growing vines on it. This will surely attract the attention of the people and will promote a green environment in your property. Installing trellises are advantageous to homeowners who don’t have a garden space in front. This is a creative way of diverting the attention of people from your small space to your driveway that now looks like a garden of vines.

5. Create a Rock Garden

A perfect design to compliment your rock driveway is to create a rock garden. Simply combine rocks of similar sizes and of different colors. Place it on the border side area of the driveway by removing the grass and filling that area with rocks.

6. Revamp the Driveway

If you have enough space then you can add a curve that will lead to your driveway. It will give a country road impression. This is another opportunity for you to add some trees along that curve or a sculpture or a water fountain to catch the attention of your visitors.

Basically, in choosing what design or improvisation you want for your rock driveway you must think about the budget. These design ideas are doable but may take time to do. So if you are up to the challenge of designing your rock driveway then do the necessary planning and costing for that.