6 Unique Wood Table Leg Designs

Jazz up your wooden table with some creative table leg designs. Consider the options below to add elegance and beauty to different table types.

Kent Coffee Table Legs

Kent coffee table legs are 4-sided and fairly heavy, but they taper off for a lighter look towards the floor. This coffee table design also has a spherical turning just below the post

Country Kitchen

For furniture that has wooden legs in your kitchen and bathroom, there are a lot of design options when using a country kitchen style leg. You can also add flutes or spirals to enhance the elegant look of these legs.

French Farm Dining Table Legs

These dining table legs can still support the weight of a large dining room table, but they have a bit more turning and design put into them than tradition country kitchen style legs.

Stretcher Block Design

This end table design utilizes a turned table leg design that features a 4-sided square stretcher block a couple of inches tall placed just above the turned foot.

Sheraton Vanity Legs

A simple and traditional style of leg for a vanity is the Sheraton vanity leg style. This leg is thin and elegant and tapers down to a small turned foot.


Table leg designs that mimic Greek column design can be use on almost any type of furniture. They always add an element of classic beauty and elegance.