6 Unusual Wedding Cake Ideas

When deciding on the design of your wedding cake, there are many options. Most people choose traditional designs like sugar flowers and icing, but there are also unusual non-traditional ideas to consider. Here are 6 unusual wedding cake ideas that are sure to impress all of the guests at your wedding.

1. Groom's Cake

Traditionally there is one cake at the reception shared between the bride and groom. Consider adding a cake that is designed with just the groom's tastes in mind. Maybe it has his favorite colors or a sports theme. Be creative. So much of the planning centers around elegance and traditional items. Give the groom a chance to share his interests by having a cake made just for him.

2. Edible Flowers

Adding flowers to your cake is a beautiful way to add elegance to your design and incorporate the wedding colors into the dessert. When flowers are used on a cake, they're traditionally made from either gum paste or sugar. An alternative is to use real flowers that are edible. Try such flowers as day-lilies, calendula, nasturtium, carnations, chrysanthemums and apple blossoms. Edible flowers are an unusual idea that will delight your guests.

3. Theme Cake

Instead of choosing a tiered cake with fondant and filling, go over the top with your design. Ask the bakery to help you to design a cake that captures your personalities. Whether you enjoy riding motorcycles and want to have a cake made with a bike theme, or you want to make edible objects such as people or buildings as part of your cake, be creative. While a traditional wedding cake is formal, there isn't a rule that says it has to be. A cake that has a fun and entertaining theme is unexpected and interesting.

4. Moving Parts

If you are choosing a theme cake, consider incorporating moving parts on the cake's design. For example, if you are having statues or people on the cake, try having them spin or rotate on a dance floor. Features on your cake with moving parts will add whimsy and fun to any theme.

5. Water Feature

You may want to add a fountain or water feature as part of your cake. This would add a touch of grace and beauty to your cake that's unexpected. Consider having a small fountain as the cake topper, or a lighted bowl of floating votive candles under the bottom tier's pedestal. The addition of water to your cake will be a pleasant surprise.

6. Fire Element

Just as a water feature will add presence to your cake, so will fire. Have your cake rigged by the decorator with sparklers or incorporate candles into the cake using votive or pillar candles. The element of fire on your wedding cake will add warmth and play on a romantic themed wedding.

Whether you're creating a traditional cake with flair, or a non-traditional cake that will wow the guests, adding unique touches is important because it gives you a chance, as a couple, to showcase your personalities and styles. Try these interesting, unique ideas to add an element of fun to any wedding cake.