6 Ways to Care for Your Hypericum

Hypericum is one of those low shrubs that can practicaly take care of itself. It has few pests that bother it and is resistant to many plant diseases. Hypericum is grown widely as ground cover and for its medicinal qualities. Many scientists are currently reasearching how extracts from the plant can treat depression. The following provides some tips to help you care for your Hypericum.


The soil should be well drained and in a partly shady area. If you grow the hypericum as ground cover, it can grow dense enough to act as its own mulch. Even though the layer of plants will also help to retain moisture, there is little chance that they will develop mold or mildew unless the air circulation is extremely poor. The way the hypericum grows makes this a very unlikely event.


Consider pruning your hypericum significantly at the start of spring. This will encourage new growth, more flowers and make the plants even denser. To protect the plants after this pruning, provide a good layer of mulch around the plants. Because of the risk of slowing down the flowering, it is best to use mulch that is low in plant nutrition or not to use a liquid fertilizer.


Hypericum develops clumps that can be too tight and in danger of developing root rot. Once the flowers have finished in late autumn, you can dig these clumps up and divide them. If you are looking to increase the number of plants that you have, you can also take cuttings in spring or summer.


Hypericum doesn’t need a lot of water unless the weather gets really arid and the soil starts to dry out. Only keep the soil moist and avoid over watering.


Liquid fertilizer applied twice a year is plenty for hypericum. If you over fertilize, the plant will use the new energy to create new foliage – especially if you apply the fertilizer after the spring pruning. It is a good idea to forego the fertilizer if mulch is used.

Over Winter

There really isn’t anything to do in the winter. Hypericum is quite hardy. A little more mulch after the last flowers will be helpful, but there really is no benefit to spending more time on them.