6 Ways to Hang Scarf Drapery

What You'll Need
Tape measure, pencil and paper
Straight pins and safety pins
Drapery rod and brackets for 1 or more rods
Power drill and 1-inch screws
Purchased window scarf or other large hemmed fabric
Step ladder
A helpful assistant

Trim windows with scarf drapery when the drapes will be fixed in place. Use any kind of fabric for your scarf drapery, and follow these directions to hang unique scarf drapery on any window.

Step 1: Measure and Sketch the Window Treatment

Record the length and width of the window to where you want the scarf drapery to hang. Buy your fabric at least twice as wide as the drapery rod, to allow for graceful pleating of the drapery scarf.  Add 6 inches to the length to allow for wrapping fabric around the drapery rod. Try out several arrangements on paper first before you start hanging.

Step 2: Hang the Drapery Rod  (2 ways)

Measure 6 inches beyond the frame on each side to attach the drapery rod to the window. For a top swag, hang a second rod 10 inches above the first.

Step 3: Lay Out and Section the Scarf Drapery Before Hanging

Follow your sketch to lay out the lower level of the scarf drapery first, and pin the top of the scarf drape panels at the half-way mark and in quarters with straight pins. This will help you distribute the drapery evenly on the rod.

Step 4: Hang the Lower Scarf Drapery (5 Ways)

Use 1, 2 or more panels for the lower level covering the window. Mark the centre and at least 3 pleats in each panel with straight pins. With your helpful assistant, drape the panels one at a time over the lower drapery rod. When you have them as you like, pin the top edge with safety pins to the back of the drape. For scalloped bottom hems, pin the centers or edges lower so one of these portions touches the floor and the other is above it.

Step 5: Measure and Pin the Upper Drapery Scarf  (5 Ways)

Be sure your upper drapery scarf's fabric is identical on both sides, so only one color and texture shows in the whole scarf. Measure and mark with straight pins where you want the swags: in 3 sections for a single swag, in 5 sections for 3 swags, and so on. Leave at least a 24-inch drop on each end to hang over the lower panels. Or go asymmetrical, with a drop of 18 inches on the left and 36 or 54 inches on the right.

Step 6: Hang the Upper Scarf Drapery

Your helpful assistant holds one end of the upper scarf drapery. Take the other end to the center of the rod, looping your end over the rod and spreading it out to create the swags. Pull out the pins as you place the fabric. Arrange the scarf drapery from the center to the left end of the rod. To secure asymmetrical ends, sew a pleat into the shorter end with clear fishing line and wrap a tie over it.