6 Ways to Make Space on a Small Vanity

Small bathroom with shower and vanity

There’s nothing worse in a bathroom than feeling like your already small vanity is completely disorganized and overcrowded. When that happens, every time you go to brush your teeth, grab your hair brush, or even just wash your hands, you feel like something is going to topple over and you may even begin to feel like your vanity just looks like a mess.

Have no fear though, even if your vanity is tiny, there are an abundance of ways that you can stay organized, maximize the space, and feel like your bathroom looks better than ever.

Minimize Bathroom Clutter

It’s easy for bathroom space to become cluttered. Between hair products, medicine, makeup, lotions, soap, and grooming tools, there are many items that cross the path of bathrooms and that see quite a bit of use. When you’re looking to maximize the space of a small vanity, take a full inventory of the stuff taking up room on your vanity and in your bathroom in general. Get rid of products that have expired, that are empty or nearly empty, and that go unused. You’ll likely find that you are able to scale back what you have in this room quite a bit.

Store Only Highly Used Items in the Vanity

Toothbrush on bathroom counter

Since the nature of your vanity is that it’s a place in the bathroom that proves to have extremely easy access to whatever lives on it, you’ll want to maximize space and organization by storing only frequently used items here. This will likely include soap, toothbrushes and paste, and a select few other items. Keeping items that are used less frequently stored away in an organized manner gives your bathroom a cleaner look. Think minimalist when it comes to this organization process!

Keep Items Tidy on a Tray

One of the keys to keeping a small vanity tidy is to store items wisely. One way to maximize space while also creating a chic aesthetic on your bathroom vanity is to use a tray that matches the style of your bathroom. On this tray, place your soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, a jar of q-tips and cotton balls, your hairbrush, and other small items. Giving all of these bathroom must-haves a specific home keeps them from being randomly scattered around your small vanity and creating a look of disarray.

Install Bathroom Shelving

If space allows, get some common bathroom items off of your vanity altogether by installing narrow shelves above your vanity to the side of it. This is a great space to hold small baskets of hand towels and extra toilet paper rolls or big jars filled with extra cosmetics.

Take Advantage of a Medicine Cabinet

Open medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets make a big difference in bathroom storage, especially if you have a small vanity. This helps you to move cosmetics off of the surface of your vanity yet keep things in easy reach. This is the perfect spot to store cosmetics, medicines, hair products, and so forth that are commonly used for easy access, but without allowing them to clutter the top of your vanity. Organize items in the cabinet in a way that makes it easy to see everything with a simple glance at the cabinet to make finding desired items simple and quick.

Group Like Items Together

When organizing items to make room on your vanity, group things together strategically. For example, create a canister of all makeup brushes and place that storage solution next to the rest of your makeup. This way, items are easy to access at the same time when you need them, making it easier to stay organized even in the hustle and bustle of getting ready. Avoid allowing these areas to become a disorganized catchall or junk drawer ,as it’ll lead to frustration and nothing but a mess.

Just because your bathroom vanity is small doesn’t mean it has to be disorganized. Following these tips allow your bathroom to stay organized and appealing at the same time.