6 Wedding Reception Decoration Tips 6 Wedding Reception Decoration Tips

The decorations at the wedding reception are a big part of the ambiance of the party, the event and the whole wedding weekend. The following are 6 wedding reception decoration tips that will help you to plan and create a breath-taking reception hall.

1. Flowers

When deciding on the flowers for your reception decor, stick with the theme, whether a few distinct colors or specific flowers. Decorate the tables with arrangements that tie into the flowers used for the bouquets during the ceremony.

For a traditional reception, plan to go big and elaborate with the flowers on the tables. Use varying heights to achieve a sophisticated elegance. For a more non-traditional feel incorporate small arrangements of flowers in vases or votive jars. Use colored marbles or sprinkle flower petals around the table to give the flowers a whimsical feel.

2. Fabrics

Dress the tables and chairs with lace or tulle fabric. Create swags by draping the fabric over the back of the chair and securing it with thick ribbon that matches the colors of the wedding. For the table consider making the same swags only to hide the seams use flowers or medallions to add a unique touch.

3. Balloons

If you have a reception hall that has an unsightly ceiling or one that doesn't match the decor of your wedding, fill helium balloons and let them float loosely on the ceiling for a romantic feel. You may also try using the same concept on the dance floor. The balloons will look like bubbles or gems and give you an added opportunity to incorporate color into your reception decor.

4. Place Settings

Create place settings for your guests using unconventional items. For example, if the theme of your wedding is "Diamonds are Forever," Use jeweled place cards and wrap glittery ribbon or crystals around the napkins. No matter the theme of the wedding use either gold or silver plate chargers under the dinner plates. For an elegant traditional wedding use gold as it is regal. Use silver if the reception is more laid back and relaxed as it is more of a non-traditional idea.

5. Candles

A sure way to add romance to the reception decorations is to use candles placed around the room. For height and drama use tall pillar candles at the entrance or near the dance floor. Use a candle table scape instead of flowers or as a soft touch with an elegant flower arrangement. Candles will set a warm glow to the reception hall.

6. Gift Table

When arranging the space for the gift table use matching linens to the other tables in the room. Make a decorative box using wrapping paper or homemade paper, or a beautiful basket with ribbon or lace intertwined to hold cards. Don't make the gift table the center of the gathering as the focus should be on the bride and groom and the overall look of the reception.

Planning the perfect wedding reception decorations is not an easy task. With so many things to consider the idea can be overwhelming. Consider these 6 tips when creating the theme and decor of your wedding reception and the overall look that you hope to create will fall into place nicely.

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