6 Wood Display Case Design Ideas

You can use a wood display case for showing off all manner of things. There are plenty of styles of display cases on the market. Many of these are fine, but a wood display case often shows more individuality. There are many creative ideas for your wood display case that don’t need to be complex in design.


Although a wood display case will usually be stained or polished, it is entirely possibly to paint it. The case can fit in with your existing décor or you can choose to use outrageous colors that match the items you are displaying, Alternatively, colors could reflect your own personality.

You can use gloss or matte finishes to achieve the effect you want. you can even choose to use multiple media by mixing paint and fabric for a very different effect. Let your creative side take charge here; if you’re going to go out, go way out and create something completely eye-catching with your wood display case!


If you’re making your own wood display case and have good woodwork skills, you can create an unusually shaped wood display case. Instead of the traditional rectangular shape, why not try something round that rests on a base or a diamond-shaped case? The only limits are your imagination and your skill.

Take time to draw your plans and make sure they are feasible before you begin work. Carry out your research and compare different designs of wood display cases to be inspired by them. Use them as a starting-off point instead of copying them.


You can achieve different effects by using different kinds of wood. You can even mix woods for different parts of the case. A very dark wood, such as mahogany, juxtaposed with a pale wood like ash can be extremely effective. Depending on your ability, you can even create patterns with wood for your display case.


You can transform a standard wood display case by adding an unusual lining. Instead of using felt on the shelves, try something different such as silver or gold paper through the interior of the wood display cabinet.

This may not be easy to do properly, or to make the lining flat, but persistence will pay off if you create an arresting backdrop for the items on display in the case.


There are many different sizes of wood display cabinet, but you can choose to come up with a design that exaggerates perception by choosing a very large or very small style. Either method will make for an unusual wood display cabinet. The secret is to make people think differently about your design so always try creating something that makes an impact.


If you have a glass fronted wooden display cabinet, you can create an interesting design by etching onto the glass. Although this means the items inside can’t be seen quite as easily, the wood display case will look wonderful. Experiment with different ideas. Art deco styles are ideal for this because they’re usually symmetrical.