7 Advantages of an Infrared Wall Heater

An infrared wall heater is a good choice if you want an alternative heat source indoors. The heater is installed in the wall and functions like the sun. It directly warms objects within a room. The objects in turn pass on heat to the immediate atmosphere which raises the ambient temperature of the room. If you need to purchase a new indoor heater, you may want to consider the infrared variety. Below are 7 advantages of these heaters.

1. Ease of Installation

It doesn’t take much time or expertise to install an infrared heater. The heaters have no moving parts and don’t require specialized equipment to install. This helps to keep installation costs down. Infrared wall heaters are also low maintenance. Once installed, they hardly require maintenance yet will provide several years of trouble-free service. This makes the heaters an attractive choice for homeowners.

2. Comfort

Conventional indoor heaters warm the air within a room through convection. This causes layers of heat within the room and air movements. In the process, there is increased circulation of dust, pollen and bacteria. However, an infrared heater spreads warmth evenly within a room. It heats the air but causes no dryness effects. Due to minimal air movement, dust and other pollutants aren’t stirred up. Infrared heaters also don’t produce as much noise as conventional heaters. This contributes to a more comfortable environment indoors.

3. Efficient

Infrared waves radiate throughout a room until all the energy is absorbed. This allows all the objects in the room to warm up gradually. No cold pockets of air will occur in a room. You’re able to experience the warmth from the heater from your head to toes. Infrared heating is an efficient way to warm up a room.

4. Economical

Infrared heaters are more energy efficient than conventional heaters. This is because they use 30 to 50 percent less energy than conventional heaters. With time, this gives you savings on energy costs.

5. Healthy

Minimal air movement is created when infrared heaters are operational. The heaters also distribute heat evenly indoors. It reduces the circulation of dust, pollen and bacteria. Humidity is also balanced. This hinders the development of mold and mildew because condensation of moisture is hampered. It contributes towards a healthier indoor atmosphere. The cleaner quality of air indoors helps to minimize allergic reactions for you and your family.

6. Safety

Heat produced from infrared heaters is gentle yet effective. The heaters do not heat up to a point that an accidental fire may occur. Should a child touch the surface of the heater, they won’t suffer burns. This makes the heater an ideal choice in households with children and pets. Some conventional heaters tend to get very hot as they warm the room. This can easily cause burns when touched. An overheated heater also increases the risk of fire.

7. Eco-Friendly

Infrared heaters do not involve carbon combustion. This eliminates pollutants and toxic emissions. It makes the heaters a more environmental friendly choice if you have green concerns.