7 Advantages of Using a Telescopic Tree Pruner

A telescopic tree pruner is a tool with extendable handles that enable the easy cutting of branches and stems on trees and other tall plants. A telescopic tree pruner is a great tool for gardeners who have trees that need maintenance. Regular cutting and pruning of trees, hedges and plants is an essential part of regular maintenance. A telescopic tree pruner allows a gardener to reach tall branches safely and easily. With the use of a telescopic tree pruner, you can take advantage of several benefits.

1 – Eliminate the Need for a Ladder

Without a telescopic tree pruner, you will have to rely on a ladder to reach the branches on a tree. Handling sharp tools such as pruners or saws on top of a ladder is very dangerous. You are also at risk of falls and injury from a ladder, because it can tip over when you overreach. With a telescopic tree pruner, you can stand on the ground and safely reach the branches that need to be cut. You can adjust the height of the pruner as per requirement.

2 – Reduce Fatigue

It is much easier to use a telescopic tree pruner compared to other tools. You can comfortably reach the areas you want to trim. There is no need to stretch and extend a tool for long amounts of time. This considerably reduces the fatigue and tiredness you will feel. You can handle more work in shorter spans of time.

3 – Easily Reach Higher Growth

With a telescopic tree pruner, you can reach high branches on trees and bushes easily. If you have obstacles in between, such as thorny plants, ponds or a pool, you can handle the job much faster.

4 – Reduce Chances of Injury

When you use a regular pruner, you have to reach through thick branches and thorny growth at times. You can get poked or scratched. With a telescopic tree pruner, you can avoid such injuries that can be potentially dangerous. You can also prevent falls from a significant height.

5 – Improve Health of Plants and Trees

A telescopic tree pruner has adjustable handles that let you trim trees at different lengths and heights. Overgrown branches can rub against each other and increase chances of disease in the trees. With proper pruning, you can improve the growth and health of trees. Regular maintenance also increases the yield of flowers and fruits.

6 – Improve Circulation of Air and Passage of Sunlight

By removing excessive growth, you can improve the circulation of air and the passage of sunlight among plants in your yard. This also helps improve the growth of plants in the vicinity.

7 – Easily Harvest Fruits and Flowers

If you have fruit trees, you can easily harvest the fruits at the required time. You can also reach flowers at a height. With regular picking and harvesting you can improve the yield from the trees.