7 Advantages to Using Copper Plumbing Fittings 7 Advantages to Using Copper Plumbing Fittings

For many homeowners, copper plumbing fittings are the preferred choice. They have a long history in office buildings, public installations and homes. This has helped build the trust they command over other materials. Below are 7 advantages to using copper fittings for plumbing works.

Competitively Priced

Copper is one of the most affordable materials used in plumbing fittings. It compares favorably with other materials on the market and delivers high quality. The choice of copper in plumbing installations often adds significantly to the resale value of homes.


The guaranteed high quality of copper fittings enhances the performance of any plumbing system. Copper is one of the few materials that ensures a problem-free performance. Copper fittings hardly require any maintenance once installed. Yet, they have a proven high performance rating.


Copper fittings are the most durable on the market. Copper is resistant to UV rays and also resists corrosion. These are some of the most common causes of wearing away of plumbing fittings. Copper fittings are unaffected by frequent temperature and pressure variations. This subjects fittings to less wear and tear. Leaks are rare where copper fittings are used. Copper does not rust, nor will it get punctures. Since copper does not become brittle with time, fittings will not experience cracks. When properly fitted, copper fittings require no maintenance. It is rare for fittings to get disjointed or break down. Most copper fittings will last for up to 50 years and beyond.


Copper is much softer than other metals, and easy to work with. This makes it ideal for use in plumbing works. The malleability of copper makes it easy to bend and join during installations. This reduces the need for fasteners, thus easing hardware costs. It also reduces overall installation costs. It is a lot easier to fit copper tubings into narrow spaces, which enables efficient installation. Copper tubing is available in various diameters that fit whatever application you have. Copper’s high durability allows it to be embedded in various materials, including concrete.

Fire Resistant

Should a fire occur, copper fittings will not burn, melt or smoke. Many other fittings that cannot withstand fire release toxic gases during fires. Copper fittings can save you and your family from fatal injuries and suffocation in the event of a fire. They also restrict the house damage that a fire causes.


Copper fittings are lead free. This does not pose a health risk, unlike galvanized pipes. With copper plumbing fittings you are assured of clean and hygienic water supply. The biostatic and impermeable properties of copper prevents bacteria from growing in fittings. Contaminants are effectively kept out of the water supply system.


Copper is an environmentally friendly material for use in plumbing works. Recyclability is up to 100 percent. Copper fittings also last several decades and hardly require replacement. They are an excellent choice where green alternatives are preferred. Use of copper fittings supports sustainable environmental management.

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