7 Best Uses for Bulkhead Fittings

Bulkhead fittings are an extremely useful item not only for their original intent but some other improvised ways as well. Their main use obviously is for attaching taps and outflows to the relevant water pipes. This is what they were designed for in the first place, as a connector between a water pipe and the tap or as a connector between the waste pipe and the outlet of the sink or bath.

1: Photographic Backdrop

A different use has been found for them if you want a makeshift back drop for a photographic studio. By taking a few pieces of the right size of pipe and a few of the right angled bulkhead fittings you can create a stand on which to hang a sheet or a piece of black plastic and this makes a perfect photographic backdrop for a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

2: Aquariums

By drilling the right size hold in the base of the Aquarium you can install a bulkhead fitting and attach a pipe to the fitting with a rolled up swimming pool hose to enable you to drain the water from the tank easily. Don’t forget to put the plug in before filling with water for the fish.

3: Ponds

When installing a pond in the garden as a water feature be sure to add a pipe and a bulkhead fitting to the bottom of the pond to enable easy drainage. It’s a lot easier than scooping the water out with a bucket.

4: A Rain Barrel

If you have a rain barrel to collect run off roof water install a bulk head fitting and a tap on to the lower portion of the barrel to enable you to tap the water when you want to.

5: Sink

Your kitchen sink requires several bulkhead fittings. For example you need one for the overflow outlet and one for the waste pipe. In addition there are angle fittings which need to be attached to get the trap and the angles to the main waste pipe leading from the house. In addition to the outflow of water you also require them for the inflow.                           

6: Hydronic System

Your hydronic system of heating uses several different bulkhead fittings to get the flow of water circulating through the pipes up to the holding tank and back down to the heating area. Bulkhead fittings do not only come in PVC but also in brass and other materials.  Brass fittings are the more common used on hot water pipes.

7: Transport of Liquids in Containers

Any transport vehicle that transports liquids of any description, be it whisky or gas, will utilize bulkhead fittings to enable them to both fill the vehicle and release the liquid at its destination.

Other Kinds

There are many different kinds of bulkhead fittings all dependent on how they are going to be used. There are types that have safety locks. There are industrial grade fittings as well as the standard type you see in your home. There is an entire industry out there devoted to creating various bulkhead fittings.