7 Creative Ways to Use Spray Paint

A finger holding down the nozzle of a bottle with red spray paint.

When things get dirty, dull, or worn out, we tend to toss them in the trash or donate them. Instead, why not jazz these items up and make them new again with a bit of spray paint? Most folks don’t consider using it during DIY projects, but spray paint can come in handy for a variety of tasks. Check out these ways to use spray paint you’ve maybe never considered.

1. Containers

We’re constantly organizing our belongings and sometimes fail to notice that over time these containers get dirty and worn. Revamp old tins, baskets, pots, and vases using a little spray paint. Spray the container with a coat or two and let it dry completely. Your old container should then look new and maybe even a bit fancy.

2. Jewelry

Inexpensive jewelry can wear down over time and get drab. Give it new life by spraying it with a gold or silver spray paint. This painting method can be used on pendants, earrings, and other non-chain parts of jewelry that are losing their pizazz. (However, avoid spraying pieces that you wear often, as the paint can wear off easily.)

3. Old Furniture

A red table with a can of spray paint on it.

Jazz up some old folding chairs, a wicker cabinet, or another piece of furniture that may have begun to look dull over time. Pick the color of your choice—which could be a pastel, bright shade, or classic white. The options are endless when it comes to redoing that sad-looking, rusty, worn piece of furniture you weren’t sure what to do with. A few even coats of spray paint will bring it back to decorative life!

4. Shoes

Instead of donating shoes or throwing them in the garbage, why not paint them a new color with a few coats of spray paint? It will jazz them up and basically make your shoes look much newer, but with the comfort of a shoe you’ve already worn in. Make sure to wipe the outsides down and let them dry. Stuff the insides with some newspaper or paper towels, then spray with a few coats of spray paint. The next thing you know, your shoes will look fresh again!

5. Lamps

Secondhand lamps from the thrift store or your family and friends can be great at providing light, but can also look hideous. Take those lamps that just don’t match your decor style and spray paint the base. Remove the shade before painting the lamp base and be careful to avoid the metallic parts that lead up to the light bulb—cover these with painter’s tape. When the paint is dry, remove the painters tape and reattach the shade.

6. Bottles and Baskets

A basket with green paint on half of it.

Both bottles and baskets can be used for storage, and are also highly decorative. Many times you can get these items for free or at an inexpensive price, especially at garage sales or thrift stores. Paint them to match the décor of a room and get creative using multiple colors and painters tape to mark off geometric designs.

7. Frames

Frames tend to come in the most basic colors—black, white, and brown. Sometimes you can find silver, gold, or bright colors, but it can be hard to match them with the rest of your décor. Create a set of matching picture frames with spray paint. When the frames are dry and ready to go, hang them next to each other or across the room to bring these colors and shapes together in a space. You can also use spray paint to redo mirror frames or document frames.