7 Deck Railing Styles to Choose From 7 Deck Railing Styles to Choose From

If you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into getting your deck design just right, you’re going to want to go through a number of deck railing styles before making a decision on what to use. What railing to use in an extremely important consideration, as it will feature prominently as the decorative trim to your new deck. It needs to be safe and also pleasing to the eye. The railing you choose will make a statement about your sense of style and the quality of the work you’ve had done. Deck railing consists of posts for support, spindles, rails (both upper and lower) and caps or balls for the upper rails. The support posts rest at either end of the railing. Spindles are what feature in between the support posts and they need to attach to the upper and lower railings. The cap that goes on the upper railing is a plate that runs over it. Here are some of the most popular styles of deck railing on the market.

1. Builder’s

This type of railing has spindles and support posts that are attached to the external decking boards. A wide rail at the top typically caps the upper rail, which is suitable for resting arms or drinks upon.

2. Colonial

This type of railing features newel posts and turned spindles. It is more decorative than traditional types of railing. This style works for historical and colonial homes or those wishing to achieve a similar effect.

3. Decorative

Like traditional railing, this type has turned or square spindles. There is also trim featured on the support posts. Woods such as redwood and cedar lend themselves best too this kind of railing construction.

4. Porch

For porch railing, spindles are attached between rails rather than on their facing. Ball tops and caps can be added to railings of this design. 

5. Split-Level

This kind of railing features additional space between the top railing and the cap on the upper railing. As with a builder’s design, the upper railing cap is typically suitable for drinks and resting arms when taking in the vista.

6. Starburst

This type of railing features a semi-circle plate at the base of the bottom railing, and slats which radiate outwardly towards the top railing. With this design there’s space between the upper railing cap and the top railing. Again, the upper railing can be used to rest drinks.

7. Traditional

This is similar to builder’s railing, but spindles are not attached to the decking. Rather, they’re attached to the bottom one. Contemporary railing uses the same principle exactly, but supports usually extend beyond the upper railing.

Do your homework in advance as having an idea in mind of what’s available can save a lot of time, and prevent you from making a poor choice in a hurry.

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