7 Deck Styles to Choose From

If you're looking to build a wooden deck to compliment your home, you've likely encountered an overwhelming variety of deck styles. The following will provide you a look at seven popular styles on the market today.

Rooftop Deck

Rooftop decks can offer dramatic views, such as a skyline or mountain range, but it's important to have an engineer check your roof to make sure it can support the extra weight of decking and foot traffic.

Multi-Level Deck

Having seating areas at different elevations expands outdoor living spaces into different rooms that complement the style of the home and create important visual breaks.


Glass doors create a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. A pergola offers shade and privacy, and columns give classic formality to the space while complementing the brick exterior of the home. Creating an outdoor room is a great way to expand your home.

Asian Style Outside

The simplicity of this space brings Zen style outdoors with a stone lantern, clean-lined furniture, and Asian-style planters. The deck follows the gentle contours of the land and connects several different spaces including a dining area and a meditation platform for yoga.

Multi-Level Terraces

This terraced deck is a great example of how to deal with a backyard slope. Not only do the stepped levels accommodate the drop in terrain, but they also create a more interesting series of spaces that can be used for different functions. The spaces are separated by deck railings.

Small Deck Solution

Despite its small size, this deck serves multiple functions. It works as a passageway from inside the home to the outdoors. It wraps around the home and offers several stairways to the lawn and landscape, and a shaded seating area features a cozy spot for entertaining.

Mirror the House's Style

An interesting home deserves an interesting deck. By repeating elements such as lines and color from the home, the deck becomes an eye-popping part of the landscape.

Regardless of which style you choose, make it your own both in design taste and in conjunction with the personality of your home. Try to bring the outdoors into the space so that it’s entirely cohesive. That way, when you go outside to your deck, you can feel the transition from inside to outside.