7 Details for Better Curb Appeal

Take Your Curb Appeal to the Next Level

Sure, a fresh coat of paint and a bright green lawn can go a long way toward increasing your home’s curb appeal, but it’s the details that make a home really stand out. We’ve gathered 7 ways to give your home that little edge above the rest, from seating arrangements and art elements to utilizing the harmony of symmetry.

1. Shutters

Shutters are like outdoor curtains for windows. They frame the space, and give opportunity for color and dimension on your home’s exterior.

2. Window Boxes

You probably already have flowers in the obvious places like planters and containers on the porch, but don’t forget to add plants at eye level in window boxes. Like shutters, they highlight the window’s design (and, really, the more flowers the better).

3. Seating Area

If you’re trying to sell your house, consider adding a seating area out front, either on your lawn or your front porch. Potential buyers will imagine themselves in those seats, taking in the beautiful view.

4. Symmetry

We don’t have to get mathematical here – symmetry is simply pleasing to the eye. So, whatever you do on one side of your house's front, do to the other.

5. Lighting

Don’t forget about nighttime curb appeal! Lighting is the only way to make your home stand out in the dark, and it can be as simple as popping some solar lamps in your soil to line a path.

6. Door Hardware

Freshen up the hardware on your front door for a little sparkle and shine. A new doorbell, knocker, lock set, and handle will make your entry feel new without a complete remodel.

7. Fountain

An architectural element like a fountain or statue can give a refined air to your landscape. Think of it like art for your yard. (And who doesn’t enjoy the sound of relaxing water?)