7 Different Kinds of Accessories for Polycarbonate Panels

Hard plastic panels made of Bisphenol A, an industrial chemical specifically used for hardened plastic, are known as polycarbonate panels. The best thing about these panels is that they are a very good substitute for glass or acrylic. Polycarbonate panels have many uses, ranging from microscope lenses to bullet-proof windows. They’re used in homes, cars, research labs, offices and many other places. They’re truly a multi-purpose invention. They’re also very recyclable too, making them environmentally friendly.

These are not the only benefits, however. There is another good thing about polycarbonate panels, and that is that they do not turn color due to sun or weather exposure. These materials are solar and weather proof. This plays a role in why they’re used almost everywhere. Since these panels are used in so many different places, and for so many different tasks, many accessories exist for them. Some of the accessories for polycarbonate panels are listed below:

Aluminum Adhesive Tapes

These tapes are used in order to seal the ends of polycarbonate panels. They are used to seal the top points or the highest points of the panels. They come in different measurements; choose the one appropriate for your panels.

Self-Adhesive Vent Tape

This is another type of tape used for polycarbonate panels. Again, this tape is used to seal the ends of polycarbonate panels. However, in this case, the tape is used for gutter ends and not the highest point. These also come in different measurements, and it is important to choose one with the appropriate width.

U Drips

They are also known as end closures as they are basically used to close the ends of polycarbonate panels. They are used for both top and bottom ends. They are created in accordance with the aluminum adhesive tapes and self-adhesive vent tapes as these tapes are used on polycarbonate panels prior to the utilization of U Drips.

Sealing Buttons

As the name suggests, these buttons are used to seal polycarbonate panels. The correct manner to use these sealing buttons is to use them in the center of the polycarbonate panels.

Wood-mate Screw

These screws are basically used to attach polycarbonate panels to wooden panels or frames. They are used with neoprene washer.

Self-Drilling Screw

Another type of screw is the self-drilling screw which is used to combine polycarbonate panels with metal frames. In this process also, a neoprene washer is used.

Neoprene Washer

This accessory is used to ensure that all the seals and closures are made completely water proof.

There are many other accessories for polycarbonate panels however; the ones mentioned above are the most commonly used accessories. These are the most important accessories of polycarbonate panels. Polycarbonate panels are indeed a good invention and are providing a lot of benefits with their eco-friendly nature and wide range of uses. Today, polycarbonate sheets are used in so many things that it is difficult to imagine a day without this material; because of this, the list of accessories will continue to grow as well.