7 Different Power Washer Nozzles 7 Different Power Washer Nozzles

Pressure washer nozzles are a cost effective way to adapt a pressure washer to meet the needs of home, commercial or industrial applications. Various nozzles can be as inexpensive as $5 or be custom made for much higher costs. In either case, the versatility of different nozzles can create a simple solution to multitude of cleaning applications for any do-it-yourselfer.

1. Turbo Rotary Nozzle

Turbo rotary nozzles are the standard people think of when they picture a pressure washer. With a thin, forceful stream which rotates in a blasting pattern, optimal cleaning can be produced. The spray covers from 4 to 8 inches depending on the distance from the wand to the surface being cleaned.

2. Lance Nozzle

A lance nozzle is an attachment for the turbo nozzle which allows the stream to be rotationally adjusted from pin point to open spray. In this way, it turns the power of a turbo nozzle into a spray nozzle. A shield can be purchased which helps to prevent dirty back splash ricocheting onto the user while cleaning.

3. Spray Nozzle

As an industry standard, spray nozzles have a four or five digit identification number printed on the side which allows the operator to know what the stream will look like in use. The first two numbers indicate the spray angle: zero for blasting, 15 for stripping, 25 cleaning, 40 for washing. Don't be deceived by the spray. In all cases, the pressure being projected still creates a dangerous force which could easily damage a person. The quick connect should also be checked to insure it does not become a projectile.

4. Soap and Foaming Nozzles

 A soap nozzle is a variation of a spray nozzle which allows for detergent to be used.  A foaming nozzle allows for sudsy spray.  Both are adaptations of a spray nozzle.

5. High Pressure Nozzle

Often, certain drain, sewer, and pipe cleaning applications require a higher PSI and large volumes of water. High pressure nozzles allow for projection from a very small hole optimizing the water flow into an extremely high pressure stream. These nozzles are heat treated to allow for corrosion and wear resistance.

6. Sewer Jetting Nozzles

Sewer jetting nozzles are one step up from high pressure nozzles. They are professionally drilled nozzles designed to significantly magnify the PSI for optimal cleaning performance of drain pipes, sewers, tubing, and hydro drilling. Because of the extreme pressures, sewer jetting nozzles are custom drilled based on the pressure washers flow and pressure specifications and mainly used for commercial purposes. Rotary, ram, corner, laser, and micro-drain varieties are available.

7. Steam Nozzles

Steam nozzles are great for cleaning steel coated in either oil or moisture. Fan nozzles are designed for smaller jobs with a focus area where detail work is necessary. Blank round nozzles have a smaller orifice for increased pressure over a larger expanse. Adiabatic pressure is utilized to create an unbroken steam flow in either the flat, fan pattern or the more significantly round stream pattern.

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