7 Different Varieties of Jasmine

Jasmine in a field.

Jasmine is a popular plant which is very versatile and grows in a wide range of different conditions. There are a large number of different types of Jasmine, some which grow best in certain regions. Take a look at some of the most popular types of Jasmine.

1. Common Jasmine

As the name suggests this is the most common type of jasmine and is also known as poet's Jasmine. This plant has white flowers and normally grows in Iran. Most perfumes are made using the oils extracted from common jasmine.

2. Winter Jasmine

Winter jasmine is grown in China and has yellow flowers. This plant offers good coverage and grows very well on hillsides.

3. Jasmine Sambac

Jasmine sambac is also known as Arabian Jasmine; this is an edible variety of the plant and can be used to make herbal teas and drinks.

4. Jasmine Angulare

This is native to South Africa and is evergreen; it will only grow in coastal areas. The jasmine will bloom during the summer. It has white flowers.

5. Spanish Jasmine

This plant is a semi-evergreen plant and it has very fragrant flowers.

6. Italian Jasmine

This is a climbing variety of Jasmine which can climb as high as 20 feet. The plant has lots of yellow fragrant flowers.

7. Primrose Jasmine

Primrose Jasmine is an evergreen shrub which has yellow flowers, however, these aren't as scented as other varieties.