7 Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Safety Tips

An electric chainsaw sharpener is essential in the maintenance of your chainsaw. It allows you to sharpen your chainsaw whenever the blades get dull. When you find that you have to exert much effort to slice through wood, it is usually time to sharpen your chainsaw. The sharpener is a vital feature if you hope to get the most from your chainsaw. With a sharpener in your tool repertoire you can save on the money that a professional would charge you. It isn’t difficult to use the sharpener. However, some safety tips are helpful.

Inspect Sharpener before Use

It is a good idea to check the sharpener for any anomalies before you sharpen. If you notice damaged parts, it is best to have these repaired or replaced before you proceed to sharpen. Check the alignment of moving parts. Be sure the “on” and “off” switches” function properly.

Tighten the Chain First

It is best to tighten the chain before you begin to sharpen. It will ensure that the chain is secure when you sharpen. If the chain moves about when you file, it could easily cut your hands. Be sure the chainsaw is turned off and unplugged from power outlet before you tighten the chain.

Secure Sharpener onto Worktable

The sharpener must be firmly secured onto the worktable. This will allow you to sharpen efficiently and safely. It also helps to prevent slips and accidents. An unsecured sharpener could easily fall onto your feet and cause injuries. Accidental falls also cause damage to the tool.

4.   Prevent Electric Shock

Do not use your sharpener in a damp or wet environment. It exposes you to the risk of electric shock. To further reduce the possibility of electric shock, you must also prevent body contact with certain items. Examples include refrigerator enclosures, pipes and radiators. Be sure that there are no flammable gases or liquids at the work site. This prevents the possibility of accidental fires.

Use in a Well Lit Environment

It is best to sharpen in a well lit environment. This helps you to sharpen more effectively and accurately. High visibility is also essential as it helps to prevent accidents.

Maintain a Safe Distance from Sharpener

Do not reach across the machine when it is in operation. To overreach increases the possibility of jams and severe cuts. It is important that you maintain your balance as you work. Proper footing enhances your personal safety.

Use Protective Wear

Put on goggles or a face mask to protect your eyes from fine particles and dust. Wear a pair of heavy duty gloves to protect your hands from possible cuts. A high level of noise is generated when you sharpen your chainsaw. Mufflers will protect the ears from harm. Avoid loose clothes or jewelry that hangs. These can easily get in the machine and cause a jam. Such incidents also increase the possibility of injuries to the body. Long hair should be held back and tucked away from the face.